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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

First Painting Of 2019!


I just put the final touches on a new digital painting—my first of the new year.

It's a photo study of sorts because I used an awesome image I found on-line as a reference—but took a LOT of liberties with it—making it a light caricature as well—and adding some iconic/surrealistic elements.

Every Tribe - Every Tongue - Copyright 2019 - Jephyr! - All Rights Reserved

I call this painting "Every Tribe - Every Tongue"—because, as I painted it, I thought a lot about the awesome gathering of people from all nations in heaven as described by John in Revelation 7:9-10.

Revelation 7:9-11

I really enjoyed painting this one.

Thanks for stopping by and see ya again soon!


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Thursday, January 3, 2019

AWESOME Digital Painting And Video!

Howdy!  : )

Hope your new year is getting off to a great start!

I was just perusing "Picks" and right at the top was a very cool illustration by a very talented Korean artist, InHyuk Lee.

His image is a very light-hearted take off on Marvel Comics' Spider Man and Dead Pool—he calls "Golden Spider-Ham & Dog-pool."

I'll post a small image here—but if you want to see it full size here's the link to it on Art Station:

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE (2019 Golden Spider-Ham & Dog-pool)
Copyright 2019  InHyuk Lee

He also posted a video of his painting process which I found very interesting—and have embedded it below.

Feel free to toggle the playback speed to slow or speed up sections.  Also I found the music a bit annoying after a while so there's always that mute button.

; )

Anywho—hope you enjoy his work.

Happy New Year 2019!

Thanks for stopping by!

See you again soon!