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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fine Art America ROCKS!!


A while ago some friends said that they liked one of my digital paintings and I offered to have a print made for their newly remodeled kitchen.

The topic kinda got dropped and languished in the "we're all busy with our lives files".

Recently, I signed up for a paid membership with Fine Art America (FAA) a "Print On Demand Service".

FAA members upload images of their artwork, in large high quality file sizes, allowing people from all over the world to purchase posters, greeting cards, and/or prints, with options for framing & matting etc too.

Jephyr Profile on Fine Art America

I began uploading some of my artwork and photography and quickly began receiving traffic and comments from literally all around this great big world.

Soon  enough I realized that it would be an easy way to get a print made for my friends.

So I sent them a link to the image with a frame and matte I'd selected...and they indicated they were still on board with receiving it.    : )

Having lived enough years to have been disappointed many times with promises made by companies I deal with, I placed the order, but had it sent here first so I could inspect it.

WOW!  I had nothing to worry about.  The print looks great, it's professionally framed and matted, and the packaging is exceptional.

(shipping address and info is blurred.  : )

I've gotten used to the increasingly shoddy packaging by this last part was a pleasant surprise.

Before FAA...I would've had to find a place to have the print made, and then get it framed and matted, package it, and then send it on to my friends.  Lotza steps....lotza driving around and phone calls...dealing with lotza different businesses and people...with so many things that coulda gone wrong.

With select the image you want...and then you sit back and relax while they print it, assemble it and get it shipped off to you.

Easy Peasy!  : ) 

I'm a happy camper!  Thanks Fine Art America!!

And thanks to my patient friends...I hope you'll find this a reminder of our enduring friendship.


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Monday, June 18, 2012

Jephyr's Epic Adventure - Panicked Drive Into Miami, AZ : )


So I've come to the conclusion I need to do more planning!!!  : )

Yesterday I decided to head out east on Highway 60 thinking I'd drive to Globe, Arizona and take some photos along the way and back.  (yeah,!!)

Retired Mining Machine,
Miami, Arizona - Photo:  Jephyr 6-17-12

I got a bit of a late start and rushed off on my adventure.

It had been quite a while since I headed that direction and soon realized a number of things: It was going to take a lot longer to get there than I thought...I'd started out too late...and I'd forgotten there were some "passes" with some 6% grades I had to get up and over.

More importantly...on the way up one of those steep car's "gas tank on empty" bell rang for the second time.

Miami, AZ - "Evening Skyline" - Photo:  Jephyr 6-17-12

THAT worried me...but I thought..."no problem, I'll just stop at the next town and gas up"
< confirmed city-slicker

Then I passed a sign that said Miami - 14 Miles...Globe -  38 Miles...and something shy of panic set in.  : )   On that second chime I know I can go about 9 there was a distinct possibility that I could run out of gas!

I'm a praying man but usually do way less of it than I should/could...but I began a Tent Revival meeting right there in the car:  "Dear God...PLEASE help me make it to a gas station!"

Interesting "Storefront" - Miami, AZ - Historic District - Photo: Jephyr 6-17-12

I turned off the AC...made sure the windows were up (to reduce drag...hey I was desperate!) and even turned off the radio for good measure....and continued to beseech the Almighty!!

Finally I saw a sign that announced "Reduce Speed Ahead - Business District"...and I strained my eyes for a filling station.

But before I knew it....Whoosh!  I was through what ever little "town" that was without seeing a single gas station.

That began Jephyr's "epic neutral coast into Miami"!!!!!     hahaha

Fortunately, at that point, I was heading down some very steep I put my car in neutral...and used the brakes to keep from going over the rails as I screamed down that steep and winding road.

Then, after 15 minutes of that, thank the Good Lord, I started seeing signs that I was entering Miami...and gratefully coasted up to the first pumps I saw.

Cool bridge between Superior and Miami AZ - Taken just before the gas bell
rang a second time.  Photo:  Jephyr 6-17-12


Who says God doesn't answer prayers (and look out for fools!)!!!  
: )

In my desperate run for gas I saw the sun going down and several times wished I could stop.  For example I saw a little cemetery off to the side of the road with a large angel statue near it's center.  I might go back some day to investigate that and take some pics there and along the way.

I did manage though to take a few photos before I completely lost the light...I've posted a few here as a testament to that trip!

: )


As always, thanks for looking in!



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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Arizona's Salt River: Lotza Buzzards!


Yesterday I drove up the Bush Highway in the east end of the Phoenix Valley.  I was planning to take some photos at various locations along the way.

It had been a while since I'd been up there....and was sad to find that you now must have a permit in almost EVERY place there is to park.

In addition, there are now very few places the "powers that be" allow you to just pull off the road.

There are signs everywhere saying no parking and going on about fines and permits and violations.


It is VERY sad to me.

Oh well...times change I guess.


Dust Storm:

I did manage to stop at the Great Western Trail Head of the Tonto National Forrest...and video tape a huge dust storm that blew in.

I may post that sometime...but because I was right down in it...the video just looks like a brown cloud for a lot of it!  : )


Lotza Vultures - Oh My:

Later, as I drove back down into the Valley and passed through the "Lower Salt" I saw at least a dozen or more vultures flying in the sky.

I pulled over and snapped as many images as I could and will post some of the better ones here.

Taking these images did drive home the FACT that I need a longer lens.

Although as you can see after a while they started to drift further and further away...initially they were right over my head and fairly close to the ground.

I had my normally amazing Cannon 24-105 mm zoomed in all the way...but in the original photos the buzzards look like they are miles away.  So I had to "crop in" on all of these...and they are not as "clear and focussed" as I would've liked.

DADDY needs a new lens!!


All in all, though, it was a great day!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cartoonist's "expression" tutorial by Tracy Butler


Recently I discovered the joys (and madness) of

: )

You simply click on their "stumble" button and they take you to some very interesting websites with illusions, photography, flash games, artwork, museum sites, humor and more.

By clicking "I like it" on pages you find interesting...Stumble will begin to deliver more sites like the one you you're on.

You can also create "interests" that further refine what Stumble will present to you.

Fair Warning:  Stumble can be a little addictive...and eat a lot of time...but it can be very interesting and educational too.

You might want to set a timer when you use it though!  : )


Yesterday Stumble took me to a  character expression tutorial by Tracy Butler.

I was immediately impressed by the way the information was presented...directly and clearly with a good dose of humor thrown in here and there.  Tracy's characters and artwork are really engaging too!

If you're a cartoonist this is "must have" information about creating character "expression".  Tracy gives numerous examples of all the "how to's" and even a few of the mistakes that can diminish the quality of your characters.

Although this is directed at cartoonists I found myself thinking of all the ways this could apply to caricatures...and even portraits.

Really...learning and putting into to practice the info that Tracy presents will be beneficial to any artist not already well versed in this instruction.

I contacted Tracy and received permission to use the image above, taken from the Tutorial.  I think it aptly demonstrates both her ability to handle expression and gives a look at her engaging cartoon style.

I'd encourage you to visit this tutorial...and then cruise around her links starting with her comic:  

Thanks Tracy...and thank you all for stopping by!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jephyr Art: A recent Life Drawing (charcoal on grey paper)

Me again!  How are ya?!

I hadn't been doing any "life drawing" for quite a while (a year or more) and recently I've attended several open sessions hosted by the highly esteemed Dr. Gingher Leyendecker at Mesa Community College.

During the first 2 sessions (posted here May 4,2012) I felt soooo rusty...but last Tuesday everything felt a lot better.

I've taken 3 semesters of Gingher's Life Drawing classes and took her Art Anatomy class and learned so much!

I used to work very slowly but through the years I've been consciously trying to speed up and loosen up.  Tuesday I worked a bit faster and felt relaxed and comfortable...and was very happy for that!

As you might be able to tell, our model was a tall, very lean and muscular woman and so it was easy to see "life drawing landmarks" as I drew her.

Some models tend to slowly droop or shift in their pose.  I'm sure it is very difficult to sit steadily in one position for a long period of time.

But this model was rock solid!!


BTW:  I'd be very interested to receive comments from you or have you vote in my poll (found at the top left...your vote is anonymous).

As artists we get used to drawing the human form.

But I'm aware that for some people these kinds of images may not be appropriate.

Do you think I should stop posting this kind of work on a public blog?

I don't really want to close my blog to those under 18 or label it "adult" because these studies are not mean to be sexual.

But I'm interested in your feedback about it and will certainly take into account your opinions about it.


Thanks as always for visiting.

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