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Friday, February 15, 2013

Jephyr's Art 202 Photoshop Assignment: Identity Project

Scary Jephyr - Art 202 Identity Project - Copyright 2013, Jephyr
Image from Art 202 "Identity Project" - Copyright 2013, Jephyr


Yesterday, my Art 202 - Digital Art Survey class had a critique day for the Adobe Photoshop "Identity Projects" we've been working on for the last three plus weeks.

A lot of students in the class are just beginning with Photoshop but I was surprised at how good many of the submissions were.  There was so much inspiring variety...and lots of cool, sometimes very thought provoking images.


As usual I really went into over-drive for my assignment and put in endless hours...and was generally pleased with end result...but you never know how it will be received by others. 

Sometimes what "speaks" to you as an artist...seems to completely miss the mark when you finally share it.

But in this case I was happy to find that there was a lot of positive feedback...and even a few compliments that would be wrong for me to repeat.  Let's just say I wish everything I did had this kind of response.

Below I'll post the full "Prospectus" I submitted to our instructor at the beginning of this assignment...but the summary will probably explain enough for most:

Project Summary: 
"This project will explore my own aging and its effects on my perceptions of life.  A series of self-portraits and other images will be shot with a digital camera and then enhanced and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop."

So If anyone is still reading...and didnt' just go straight to the they are...beginning with the "triptych and quadtrych" I submitted as the Final images for the project.
 (click to see larger views):
(Triptych removed)

Art 202 Identity Project - Copyright 2013, Jephyr


Lastly, as you age, you become more and more aware of mortality.

While I'm not morbid about it...the older I get the more I find myself thinking about my own exit from this planet.

Here's a larger view of The Skull Image from the first Triptych.  I took several high contrast portraits of myself and a reference skull that I have and composited them together:

Jephyr Skull - Art 202 Identity Project - Copyright 2013, Jephyr


And here's the prospectus I submitted for the project:

Art 202 Prospectus - "Identity Project" - Copyright 2013, Jephyr


Thanks as always for stopping by!


  1. Hi Jephyr,
    I am so glad that you have put tips on how to use photoshop for alteration and enhancing. Your work is lovely and, even though I don't have a lot of time at the moment to do the things I want to do with photography, it is really good to be able to come over to your site to get info. I am not that experienced with cameras but hope to get a new one this year. I can't decide between a Nikon or a Cannon,( my son says Cannon), but I know I must make time for this as I love taking photos of nature and want to use them with poetry and writings. By the way, which is the real pic of you no1,2 or 3 ha ha! Sorry Jephyr couldn't resist it.

  2. Hi Brenda,

    hahaha Yeah...three is the real me! :)

    I'm happy if my posts about Photoshop have helped...hopefully as you find time you can find more time for photography! Thanks for your good words about my work too.

    I LOVE my Canon camera...and they have an excellent reputation. If you want to get serious about it they make very high quality lenses too!

    Thanks as always for stopping by!

  3. Very very interesting. But I like the real you better....these other alters are scary.
    Congrats on the honored award - well deserving!