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Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013: A Bunch O'Sketches From Jephyr's Sketchbook


I'm taking an English class this fall as a requirement for my degrees.  It's hard to believe we're already about a third of the way through the semester.

If you've looked through my blogs, you can probably guess I like to write, and so the class has been enjoyable...but there's a lot of work that's kept me from making much art.

Earlier today I finished 2 papers that are due this week and decided to go back through the old sketchbook, and scan and post some images here.


This first one began as a "scribble drawing" and right away I saw the beginning of this guy in his hopped up, space-mobile. 

I worked on this a bit one day at a coffee house...and he sparked a lot of enjoyable conversations with people sitting around me.

Image:  Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image:  Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved

This next image came about after I'd just re-read Ezekiel's vision from the Bible...and then watched several YouTube video interpretations about it.

It's a really interesting account, with some wild imagery...that kinda got my imagination fired up.

This sketch really doesn't have much to do with the actual vision....but it was a lot of fun to do.

Image:  Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image: Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved

And a few more recent sketches in no particular order:

Image:  Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image: Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved

Image:  Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image: Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image:  Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image: Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image:  Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image: Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved

Image:  Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image: Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image:  Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image: Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image:  Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Image: Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
Well...that's it for now.

Thanks as always for stopping by!


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Friday, August 9, 2013

Zombie Head-Hunter: Jephyr's Latest Digital Painting And Tutorial Video


Recently I planned to do some more work on a digital painting I already had underway.

I opened Photoshop and was just going to warm up a bit...but decided to roll CamStudio (screen-capture software) I had it capturing my "warm up" well.

Zombie Head-Hunter, Digital Painting, Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved

Maybe because I didn't have an agenda...I felt relaxed and comfortable...and very quickly had a good start on a cartoony, creepy face.

So I decided to "work on" and just see where it took me.

Wow...did I go "dark" on this one!!

Even though it's a cartoon...I managed to ultimately work in a "shrunken head" that a zombie character is holding.

Whew!  :)

I took the screen-capture video, added a music track and text...and did a voice-over where I talk about how this image came together and elaborate a bit on some of the techniques I used.

All in was a fun project!

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.


Thank you for stopping by!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013: Jephyr's Latest Digital Painting


Hope yer feeling great today!

I call my latest digital painting (posted below) "Consider The Ravens"...after the biblical quote from Luke 12:24:
24 Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom
or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds.


As I wrote in my last post...I have a number of unfinished digital paintings I've been tinkering around with and have decided it was high time to finish some of them.

I keep a file of these "works in progress" and so after I finished my last painting I went back through some those images and came across a crow "photo study" I'd started long ago.

(find info on the reference photo I used below *)

As you might note, I've decided to challenge myself to create more involved backgrounds in my images...something I haven't done a lot of but know I really need to work on.

"Consider The Ravens", Copyright 2013, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved
"Consider The Ravens", Digital Painting, Copyright 2013, Jephyr (Jeff Curtis), All Rights Reserved

So as I painted the crow I began adding desert background behind it...echoing landscapes  I've seen on hikes up the Lost Dutchman's Trail just a few miles east of where I live.

I worked a lot to balance the "dark and light" values I wanted.  Even so, I was disappointed to find that exporting it from a Photoshop .psd file to a .png file for the interent completely crushed a LOT of details in the darker areas.


So I tried to balance the image you see above by using different layer groups and level adjustments in Photoshop in an effort to match my original painting as much as possible.

This is one of the downsides to sharing art on the internet for sure.

Note:  The reference I used to paint the vultures circling over head came from a photo I took at the Salt River just east of Phoenix last summer.

Anyway...hope you like my latest digital painting!  I'd be very happy to receive feedback on it!


* Thanks to "SalsolaStock" found on deviant art who provide reference images for artists...and allow them to be used royalty free when you meet their "rules of use":

Direct link to the image I used:


Purchase this image on prints of all kinds, posters, greeting cards etc on Fine Art America:

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

117 Degrees In Phoenix...And Jephyr Gets A New Home A/C Unit

Hi all,

After a week or two of some nice cool weather here in Phoenix, the weather people had begun forecasting some VERY HOT temps were on their way.

Sure enough last Friday, 6-28-13, we hit a SCORCHING 116 degrees and then Saturday we FRIED under 117 degree skies! 

The last two days it has been a blistering 113...and today it's supposed to be triple digits PLUS again! 

^ ^ ^  That's a screen shot I took off the TV on Saturday, 6-29-13 showing 117 Degrees (top left corner).

I inserted the image of the Psychiatric Hospital over that part of the screen...because you might just have to be crazy to live here!



A bit before this massive heat-wave hit...I'd noticed that my A/C unit was struggling to keep the house cool.

I'd had a problem with it last year, and Kevin Anderson from In-Phase Air Conditioning (Contact Information Below) had come out to take a look at it.  He thought then I might get another year or two out of that faltering unit. 

So I crossed my fingers and hoped for at least another two years.

Chris, Karen and Kevin from In-Phase Air Conditioning 

But this summer when the ole A/C started struggling once more, I called Kevin again, and this time after a diagnostic look, it was suggested that a new unit would be the best move.

So Kevin gave me a quote for a Trane with a lot more cooling ability than my old one.

I thanked him and told him I'd let him know my decision soon and got to praying...and researching that model...and comparing it with past quotes on different units etc.

Fairly quickly I confirmed that he had given me a very good price for that unit, and felt good about having him do the install...and began putting funds together etc.

A number of days passed before I could call Kevin again...but when I did...he agreed to do the install for me the NEXT day!

In-Phase Air Conditioning at my home:  The old unit off the roof and in the left foreground...the new Trane going up

So, last Thursday morning, when temps were already beginning their forecasted climb, Kevin and company showed up with my new Trane unit and a crane.

I'm sure for them, working in the hot sun, it seemed a lot slower...but to felt like only a moment later they had the old unit off the roof and the new one installed...and cool air filling my home once again.

Now after several days of use during triple digit temperatures I can say for sure that I love this new unit!  It has kept my home comfortably cool even when it was 117 degrees outside.

While my old unit started and stopped abruptly...the new Trane "ramps" on and it's much quieter too.  And the thermostat stays rock solid on whatever temp I put it on.

In-Phase A/C's Chris and Kevin on the roof with the new Trane

If you need A/C work done...I'd definitely make Kevin and In-Phase A/C your first call!

He is extremely knowledgeable and each person on his team is very personable and hard-working!

After dealing with one questionable A/C company after's great to feel like I found someone who can be trusted!

BTW...Kevin didn't charge me for either of the two service calls before the installation...and I understand that this is an In-Phase policy.

Karen and Chris from In-Phase with my new Trane prior to installation

Contact Kevin Anderson at:

In-Phase Air Conditioning

2551 East Lockwood ?Street
Mesa, AZ  85213



Thanks as always for stopping by my blog!

More artwork coming soon!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Early June 2013: Jephyr's Most Recent Sketchbook Drawings


Hope your summer is off to a good start!  We've already been having 105 to 111 degree days here in Phoenix.

I'd promised myself that I would tame the jungle in my yard as soon as the spring semester ended so I've been working both early in the morning and late in the evening...avoiding some of the accomplish that. 

I'm nearing the half way least on the initial go-round...but these temperatures are ridiculous.  Whew!


Fortunately, as I wrote in my last post on 5-22-13 I've still been finding a lot more time to work on my own art since school ended too.

I have several digital "paintings" I'm working on...and have been enjoying drawing a LOT in my sketchbook.

It's pretty interesting to discover how quickly I get rusty if I don't draw all the time...and then how rapidly it seems to comes back once I start up again.

Today, I thought I'd share some more of my latest sketches:

Skectchbook Drawing, Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved

^ ^ ^ ^  Not to sound like a broken record...but this guy started out by using the "scribble technique".

I just begin putting down some random scribbles on the page and then look for patterns in them.

Once I start to "see" something in the scribble I begin to work that into a final sketch.

Since the human eye is fine tuned to see faces many of these wind up as my cartoony/caricature people like the guy above

In this case I kinda saw Keith Richards at first and worked toward that. 

Later I began to see more of F. Murray Abraham's, "Salieri" (from the movie Amadeus), and finished it with more of that in mind.

- I sat in a coffee house finishing this drawing two separate guys came up to me to talk about it.

When I mentioned Keith Richards and the movie Amadeus, neither of these two 20 somethings really knew who/what I was talking about.

That made me feel some old codger when I was a kid going on about a silent movie star I'd never heard of.


LOL    ;)


Skectchbook Drawing, Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved
I wish every drawing I did was as easy as this guy!  ^ ^ ^ ^
I started with another scribble and immediately saw that magnificent profile.  As I worked on was like it was almost drawing itself!
I'd just watched all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and clearly had pirates on the brain.
Skectchbook Drawing, Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved

^ ^ ^ ^   Not a whole lot to say about this guy...just another chance for me to play with exaggeration and "caricature" of the face. 

If this was going in a portfolio...there'd be a lot I'd tighten up.  But I called him "done" so I could move on.


Skectchbook Drawing, Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved

^ ^ ^ ^  I tend to like drawing craggy old male faces because they can be a lot of fun to exaggerate...shading and rendering all those nooks and crannies.

But for this one, I decided to draw the face of a young woman I'd seen in an old movie on TV.  She had amazing eyes...and so I set out to capture her from memory.

The final drawing above ain't even close representing her...but I was enjoying just letting this drawing "happen"!


Skectchbook Drawing, Copyright 2013, Jephyr, All Rights Reserved

Man did I sweat over this one!   ^ ^ ^ ^

I call it Prisoner Jx-25.

I met with my friend Elkanah to have some grub and draw...and was scribbling on the page to get started.  At first I "saw" an astronaut type guy in a space chariot and kinda sketched some of the details in.

I kept saying that I wasn't happy with it at all but Elkanah said he was confident I'd figure something out.

I found that to be very encouraging...and so over the next few days kept working on this page.

Finally a weird head with horns all over it began to emerge.  I still wasn't very happy with it...but as I eliminated some of the horns...I began to see a wart-hog type head...and at last I felt like I had something going on.

Then I began to add the body...and later even used some reference photos and anatomy books...trying to make the musculature, though exagerated, a little more legit (although I still took a lota liberties in the end).

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place when I was looking at this drawing across the room and realized I had it's eyes too high on the head.   Once I moved them down to where you see them now...this sketch/character design finally felt right to me.


Well...that's it for now.

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jephyr Posts A Few More Images From The Ol' Sketchbook


Hope you're day is going well!

I finished another semester of college recently as I inch closer to completing my degrees in Fine Art and Digital Illustration at Mesa Community College.

I usually pour myself into classes so even if I only take one it quickly begins to eat up most of my free time.  So when a semester ends I realize how much I've had to put aside my own interests.

One thing that suffers is how much time I can spend on my own art...both on the digital painting side but also in my personal sketchbook.

As I looked back through my sketchbook over the semester I didn't like a lot of my efforts recognising now I was often too tired to really feel inspired about drawing. 

Thankfully I still enjoy sitting in a coffee house, or after a meal it's only in retrospect that I can see that about individual drawings.

Fortunately there were still a few that I felt I could share here:

Jephyr Sketchbook Drawing, "Crunch", Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved

I call this guy "Crunch".   ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

I'd found a tiny little Mexican Restaurant, owned by an older couple.  He took the orders, and she was the chef.  They spoke only Spanish between themselves and I had the impression she spoke no English.

There were only 3 tables inside and all of them were occupied so I found myself sitting out on the covered patio. 

That wouldn't have been my first choice but soon enough I was very happy about it.

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining but there was a gentle cool breeze so the temperature was just right. 

The patio is set off the roadway just far enough that I could indulge in some people watching without being seen myself.  There were pretty girls and street people...and young toughs...and old timers and families passing by. 

After my meal I began to scribble in my sketchbook and eventually "Crunch" began to appear. 

As I was getting close to finishing him, there was a knock on the window beside me and the old guy who took my order (and was a little gruff with me at the time) was smiling down at my work.  A few moments later his wife also tapped on the window and smiled and gave me a thumbs-up.

All in all a very good day.  :)


Jephyr Sketchbook Drawing, "Perfect", Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved

I really enjoy using the "scribble" technique to begin a drawing...and use it fairly often. 

(see my May 2, 2012 blog post for more examples)

The old woman, admiring her coiffure above, is another case in point...begun as a scribble.

I'd started the sketch a day or so before and then sat one evening in a fast food joint and finished her up.

Sometimes I go "un-noticed" by the people around me, other times I see that people are interested in what I'm doing but don't approach me.  And then sometimes, usually after someone first gets the courage to come over and break the ice, I get a steady stream of people coming over wanting to see what I'm up to...and often we end up in conversations that cover all kinds of ground.

It can be a lot of fun.

That night I had a lot of company...and was enjoying my it was definitely a good night.


Jephyr Sketchbook Drawing, "Blump", Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved
The sketch above, and the next two, fall into a category the guys over at Concept Art call my "super-exaggerated" anatomy.

They are done without any references so I know that the anatomy isn't perfect...but it does help me practice movement and musculature in my characters...and makes me hungry to really understand anatomy so that in the future I can spew out this kind of work without reference but have the anatomy be more accurate as well.

Jephyr Sketchbook Drawing, "Sgt Smash", Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved
Jephyr Sketchbook Drawing, Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved

The next drawing below came at the end of the semester, and after a few weeks of sketching again on a more regular basis.

Later I was thinking about where her sad face and look came from. 

Then I remembered seeing a mug-shot of one of the stars of "That 70's Show", Lisa Robin Kelly, after a DUI arrest.

I did a google search I found the photo again...and was struck by how much seeing this image just one time influenced my drawing.

These sub-conscious connections to my drawings come to me from time to time and I really enjoy when they do!

Mugshot:  "That 70's Show" Actress Lisa Robin Kelly

Jephyr Sketchbook Drawing, "Kitty", Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved
(I hope nothing but the best for Lisa Robin Kelly)
Finally, this last drawing came about one day after a meal at a little Greek cafe.  It probably falls into the "super-exaggerated" anatomy because of the over sized feet and musculature. 
Later I returned to the cafe and realized I might have also been sub-consciously influenced by the table tops there. 

They are apparently left-overs from the previous restaurant and have an Asian-Chinese flavor with flowers painted on them...and honey bees.
I call this picture "Worth It"...imagining our hero got into a bee hive to eat some honey and is now being chased by its angry occupants.
Well...that's it for now. 
I'm already at work on more pages from my sketchbook and plan to finish up a lot of my digital paintings this summer.
So look for those in the future.
As always I really appreciate you stopping by.
Until next time...God Bless!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jephyr's Transformation Animation Chosen For The 2013 MCC Student Art Show

Jephyr's Transformation Animation Looks Over The 2013 Mesa Community College Student Art Show
Jephyr's Transformation Animation Looks Over The 2013 Mesa Community College Student Art Show

Hi...thanks for stopping by!

I've had a bit more good news recently.

In my last entry here on April 18, 2013 I shared that my "Identity" project for my MCC Art 202 class had been selected for a 2013 Maricopa Community College - Chancellor "Artists Of Promise" Award.

Now I'm happy to share that my Transformation Animation from that same class was selected by the instructor for the 2013 Mesa Community College Student Art Show.

This is my seventh work chosen for the show over the years.  (See my website Honors and Awards Page to learn more)

There are many talented students in the Fine Art and Digital Art programs so it is always an honor to have something you create for a class picked for the show.

If you'd like to read more about what this project was all about, my blog post for February 26, 2013 described the assignment and I posted storyboards made for it.

Here's the final video which was  looped with other student videos and projected at the show.  (as seen in the image above)

Thanks again for stopping by!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Newest Video: "Pareidolia" (Transformation) Animation / Animatic

Screen Capture from Jephyr Art Video - Art 202 Pareidolia Animation / Animatic
Screen Capture From The Video


In my last post I wrote about working on the second assignment for my MCC Art 202 class...a 1 minute minimum Pareidolia* Video (transforming one object into another).

Our instructor was covering the "motion and animation" capabilities of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects CS6.

He gave some quick but intensive lectures about the use of time-lines, puppet warps, rotoscoping, and keyframing etc using the software...and showed the class numerous examples of animations and videos as examples and inspiration.

I was glad I had some experience already using Adobe Flash and Autodesk Maya...this gave me a toe hold on all those concepts...and that was very helpful.

As of that last post I had created the storyboards for the project and had just begun animating it.

I was planning to use photographs for the project...but when my instructor saw my hand drawn storyboards he encouraged me to draw all the elements I'd need.

Now I'm glad I did!

Screen Captures from Jephyr Art Video - Art 202 Pareidolia Animation / Animatic

I ended up putting in countless hours for the final video...and was especially driven because I only had a 30 day trial of After Effects and it was due to expire several days before the project due date.

All in all I learned a ton and hope to be able use a lot of it in future projects.

Anywho...if you have a moment please give the video a look.  The video minus credits is just around 1:30 long.

Thanks as always for stopping by! 


*   A when we perceive something recognizable in a random seeing faces or animals in clouds for example...or the face of someone on burnt toast.


Visit to see many more examples of Jephyr digital painting and artwork.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Art 202 Pareidolia Animation Storyboards For Adobe After Effects Assignment

Edit:  You can see the finished animation this post refers to in today's update:



Our spring semester is really flying by in my Art 202 - Digital Art Survey class.

We're already working on the second project of four...a Pareidolia Animation.

A "pareidolia is when a vague or random image is perceived as recognizable".   

(I found that definition on flickr and you'll find a few examples if you follow my link there)
Probably the most common example of a Pareidolia is seeing faces or animals in clouds.
Our assignment is to make a 1 minute minimum pareidolia animation using Adobe After Effects to assemble it.

We can use other software like Photoshop or Illustrator to create the images and our instructor will be covering rotoscoping soon...something I've always wanted to know more about.

The storyboards for the project are due today.  I've always resisted doing them...because I'd rather jump right into creating...but discovered I really enjoy the process of creating them and it really helps you put together your ideas.  So I'll probably find myself doing more of them for my own work.

I may or may not use the exact sequence or scenes from them...but I thought I'd share what I'm submitting in class today:

Art 202 Pareidolia Animation Storyboard One - Copyright 2013, Jephyr

Art 202 Pareidolia Animation Storyboard Two - Copyright 2013, Jephyr
Art 202 Pareidolia Animation Storyboard Three - Copyright 2013, Jephyr

As you can probably see on this last group I moved away from "narrative" and got more experimental as I went along...something our instructor will probably like to see.


Well that's it for now.

As always thank you heaps for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Snow" Falls In Phoenix Arizona


I've lived in the Phoenix area for over 15 years and had family here for some 35 years now.  So through the years I've seen all kinds of different Phoenician weather.

BUT NEVER SNOW!! be fair the media is calling it graupel or a "soft hail".  *

But to me...if it walks like a duck..............

And what we had here this evening...we would've called snow when I was growing up in Colorado.

Granted, there wasn't much...what my mom woulda called "just a skiff".

But I snapped a few pics as a reminder...and I'll let you decide for yourself what to call it. : )

Keep in mind as you're looking at theses images that Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert often records temperatures of 114 degrees!

2013 Snow in Phoenix Arizona - Image by Jephyr
Note the Palm Tree off in the far right

"Snow" sticking to cars and lawns:

2013 Snow in Phoenix Arizona - Image by Jephyr

2013 Snow in Phoenix Arizona - Image by Jephyr

2013 Snow in Phoenix Arizona - Image by Jephyr

*  A few years ago the main-stream media breathlessly, and unanimously reported a "man" gave birth to a child.  So maybe they aren't always the best source of truth and information. 


Thanks as always for stopping by!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Jephyr's Art 202 Photoshop Assignment: Identity Project

Scary Jephyr - Art 202 Identity Project - Copyright 2013, Jephyr
Image from Art 202 "Identity Project" - Copyright 2013, Jephyr


Yesterday, my Art 202 - Digital Art Survey class had a critique day for the Adobe Photoshop "Identity Projects" we've been working on for the last three plus weeks.

A lot of students in the class are just beginning with Photoshop but I was surprised at how good many of the submissions were.  There was so much inspiring variety...and lots of cool, sometimes very thought provoking images.


As usual I really went into over-drive for my assignment and put in endless hours...and was generally pleased with end result...but you never know how it will be received by others. 

Sometimes what "speaks" to you as an artist...seems to completely miss the mark when you finally share it.

But in this case I was happy to find that there was a lot of positive feedback...and even a few compliments that would be wrong for me to repeat.  Let's just say I wish everything I did had this kind of response.

Below I'll post the full "Prospectus" I submitted to our instructor at the beginning of this assignment...but the summary will probably explain enough for most:

Project Summary: 
"This project will explore my own aging and its effects on my perceptions of life.  A series of self-portraits and other images will be shot with a digital camera and then enhanced and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop."

So If anyone is still reading...and didnt' just go straight to the they are...beginning with the "triptych and quadtrych" I submitted as the Final images for the project.
 (click to see larger views):
(Triptych removed)

Art 202 Identity Project - Copyright 2013, Jephyr


Lastly, as you age, you become more and more aware of mortality.

While I'm not morbid about it...the older I get the more I find myself thinking about my own exit from this planet.

Here's a larger view of The Skull Image from the first Triptych.  I took several high contrast portraits of myself and a reference skull that I have and composited them together:

Jephyr Skull - Art 202 Identity Project - Copyright 2013, Jephyr


And here's the prospectus I submitted for the project:

Art 202 Prospectus - "Identity Project" - Copyright 2013, Jephyr


Thanks as always for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Video Tutorial: Awesome Photoshop CS 6 Painter's Color Wheel Extension (CS 4 & 5 versions as well)

* PLEASE NOTE *:   Unfortunately it seems that this painter's wheel no longer works for "CC 2014" because Adobe is now using html for extensions instead of flash.



I just put together and uploaded a video tutorial for Len White's Free "Painter's Color Wheel" for Photoshop CS 6 (which is backward compatible with CS 5).  

There is also a CS 4 + version available which works for both CS 4 and 5. 

The Painter's Wheel for CS 6 has a few more features and uses the popular Photoshop darker color scheme for its interface. 

But if you're like me and have Photoshop CS 5  and don't mind a little different look for the interface...IMHO you'll want to use the CS 6 version for those little "extras".

Here's a look at the CS 6 interface: 

Screen Capture of Len White's "Painter's Color Wheel" for Adobe Photoshop CS 6

And here's the CS 4 + version:

Screen Capture of Len White's "Painter's Color Wheel" for Adobe Photoshop CS 4 +

The tutorial video should help explain all the features and covers how to download and install it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jephyr Posts Even "Mo" Sketchbook Drawings


As I wrote in my last post, recently I got around to scanning sketches from last year's sketchbook

I'll post a some of them today (along with a couple from this year) and add a few comments:

Jephyr Art - Sketchbook - Pencil Drawing - "Zeb"

I call this handsome fellow "Zeb".  :)

This guy captures "something" I wish I could put in everyone of my drawings.  There's just something I like about his expression, his eyes, his face, and the shape of his head.

If only I could make this happen every time! 


Jephyr Art - Sketchbook - Pencil Drawing "inked" in Photoshop I hear you saying (or is that the voices in my head), "Wait a minute friendo...this ain't no gosh derned sketchbook drawing!!"

And you'd be right of course.  It's included here because it began its life as a pencil sketch in my 2013 sketchbook.

I was very happy with the way the drawing looked...but when I scanned it in to the computer it didn't look as good.

So I took that scan into Photoshop and scattered some "pixel dust" on it...and done made me this digital version of it.

Anywho...this image is kinda "dark" it fits in with some of the ideas I have for a graphic novel.  (read more in my December 29, 2012 blog entry)

I've also been having a GREAT time digitally "painting" this drawing in Photoshop.  Hopefully I can share the finished version of that with you soon too!


Otherwise, I continue my love affair with "wacky" cartoony faces. 

They are so much fun to draw!

Here are three from last fall and one from earlier this month.

Jephyr Art - Sketchbook - Pencil Drawing - "Joan"

Jephyr Art - Sketchbook - Pencil Drawing - "Merle"

Jephyr Art - Sketchbook - Pencil Drawing - "Bo Dean"

Jephyr Art - Sketchbook - Pencil Drawing - "Trevor Lee"

^^^   A quick story about this last image.   ^^^^

I was on the West side of Phoenix and was looking for a place to stop and have a bite and draw for a bit.

I passed a Chinese Cafe that looked promising...and saw a guy just leaving it.

So I rolled down my window to ask him if he'd recommend it.

Normally I wouldn't add details about his race because usually this is not important.  But in this case I hope you don't mind me sharing:  He was a black man.

But when he aswered my was immediately evident that he had a VERY strong Chinese accent. 

Perhaps I might not be faulted to have been surprised because, other than American tourists and athletes etc, I've never seen a black person in all the photos and videos I've ever seen of China.

Statistically I've since discovered that there are only around 0.7% blacks living in China...a hair more than 1 in 143 people.

Later, it became apparent he'd made an impression on my subconscious too...because when I sat down to draw I began to realize this drawing looked like a very cartoony, caricature of him.

Drawing a likeness of someone without intending to do so happens to me on occasion....and I always enjoy when it does.

UPDATE:  Recently I was eating in a Chinese restaurant and started sketching after I was done.

One of the servers and I started talking and she said her family had immigtrated from China (unfortunately...I can't recall the city now).

Anyway...I related the story about the the guy with the chinese accent above...and she confirmed that blacks in China are very rare.

She said that other than in American films she'd never seen a black person until she came to America. 
  She said that you'd probably only find black living in major cities in China...or Hong Kong.

We talked for a while and I found our conversation very interesting.

I often find that drawing in public opens doors to getting to know people.

Well...that's all for now.  As always I thank you for stopping by my little corner of the web.