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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest Fotos!

Photos Below



It's hard to believe we are rapidly winding up the last of 2014...and rushing into a new year.  Hope this holiday season has brought you good things and that 2015 will be prosperous, productive and filled with all the best!


As I wrote in my last post...on Saturday December 13th, I drove up to the 2014 Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and spent a fun afternoon taking photos.

If you aren't familiar with Fan Fest, according to its official website, "it's a pop culture convention featuring actors, top comic book writers and artists, events, and features exhibitors, vendors and costuming for those fans who can’t get enough of Phoenix Comicon!"

I've been eager to share many of the photos I took that day...and recently I posted some of the awesome cloud and rainbow shots I took there.

12-28-2014 Jephyr Blog Post

Today I'm going to post several of the photos of costumed participants. 

Thanks to everyone who generously allowed me to take their photograph...I appreciate your time and patience.

If you see yourself in a photo I'd love to know you had a please say hi in the comments.  Or if you recognize someone in a photo...please send them a link to this post.

Thanks in advance!

--------------------------------------- let's get started with this first photo...with clear evidence of the amazing overcast (at the time) and cloudy sky overhead Fan Fest in the background.

Photo - Copyright 2014, Jephyr - All Rights Reserved
Ex of Excessive Exclusives

Photo - Copyright 2014, Jephyr - All Rights Reserved
Athena of Cosplay Conspiracy

Photo - Copyright 2014, Jephyr - All Rights Reserved

Photo - Copyright 2014, Jephyr - All Rights Reserved

Thanks for schtopping by...and look for more Fan Fest photos soon!


Thanks again!


  1. Thank you for the fantastic shot of my Loki cosplay! Do you mind if I share it around?
    I've also passed your link along to Ex, great photos of him too!

    1. Hi Athena.

      Thank you very much...and you are quite welcome in return! Charli and I are so happy you found your photo and like it! We both appreciate you posing for us!

      We were planning to contact you and others and we'd both be honored to have you share our photos around. Thanks for sharing the link with Ex too!

      Charli posted the same photos I did here but may post some additional Fan Fest photos on her blog:

      Thanks again!