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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jephyr Posts Latest Digital Painting: "It Came From The U.N."


Hope you had a great Christmas!

It's so hard to believe we are almost into a new year...and 2013 at that!!!


Life has been keeping me very busy.  Earlier this month I finished another semester at Mesa Community College...and took an Art History class where I learned a ton.

And speaking of that...if you are in the East Valley of Phoenix I would definitely recommend taking a class from Lindsey Pedersen, an Art History instructor at MCC.   She is excellent!!

It's clear I'm not the only one who thinks so...because she has an extremely high rating on too.


The Background Story For My Latest Digital Painting

Jephyr Art - Digital Painting Process Steps - It Came From The U.N. (Adobe Photoshop / Wacom Tablet)
Click to Enlarge
See A Larger View Of The Final Image Below

I've still been drawing a lot and digitally painting as time allowed...and after the semester ended finally found the time to finish a digital painting I'd begun long ago.

Started in December of 2011, I worked on the concept a bit using Adobe Photoshop and my Wacom Intuos Tablet and then fairly quickly lost interest and moved on to other things.

As seen in the "process steps" to the left...I just got as far as the weird, green "alien" head last year (top left).

After classes ended this fall I decided to look through my old files and when I saw it, decided to do some work on it again.

I was feeling most dissatisfied with the color choices last this time around the first thing I began to do was mess around with that and experiment with color layers.

And finally something I was more happy with began to emerge.


So....Why Is It Such A "Creepy / Scary" Image?

I've been interested in creating a graphic novel about the current state of the world and the "end times".
Meister The Construction of the Ark of Noah
According to the Bible, in the time of Noah before the Biblical flood, fallen angels had mated with human women and created an evil hybrid race which God detested.   (Genesis 6:1-8)

And apparently the fallen angels also messed with the DNA of animals.

All this created evil and fearsome, soul-less creatures.  These human hybrids were much larger and stronger than man and are called Nephilim (along with other ancient names).

God used the flood to purge the world of this evil. 

Unfortunately, afterwards the fallen angels continued their ways and produced more of these creatures. 

For example, long after the flood, the Jews were told to take possession of "the Promised Land" and Numbers 13:32-33 gives a report of what they found: 

"The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there are of great size. We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them."

Much Later, around the time of Jesus (2,000 years ago) it was recorded in Matthew 24:37-39 (KJV) that "as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." (the return of Jesus and the end of our present world)


Public Domain Image
Fast forward to today, when there are many Biblical prophecies and signs indicating the end of the world, such as wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, the "roaring of the seas" and more.

Many point to current research being done with human cloning and trans-humanism: the combination of human and animal DNA.

Others point to our popular culture and that movies and TV shows use human evolution as a regular theme.

Still others suggest that "they" are preparing humans for the appearance of these creatures by planting the notion in our minds that these beings will be extra-terrestrial...ALIENS. 

The "they" most often mentioned are the powerful elites:  The Illuminati, and secret societies...pulling the strings behind the scenes...assassinating leaders and toppling governments...causing wars...dumbing societies down so that they can keep everyone else in a servant class...obedient, uneducated worker drones...who are kept in slavery to drugs, porn, alcohol, video games, etc etc etc.


So all these themes were in my mind as I worked on this image.

I know many of my Christian friends might recoil at this image...and might think of scripture that tells us to think about what-ever is good, pure and lovely.  (Philippians 4:8)

And I have no defense against that...except to say that I have been praying for guidance about what to work on.

And this is something that came from my efforts after those prayers.


Anyway...that explains my thought process behind this image...and is the large version of it. 

Jephyr Art - Digital Painting - It Came From The U.N. (Adobe Photoshop / Wacom Tablet)

Click To Enlarge - Jephyr Art - Digital Painting - It Came From The U.N.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jephyr Posts Third MCC Declare Success Your Major Video

Hi again,

Working Towards Two Degrees

As you may already know, I've been slowly working towards both Fine Art and Digital Illustration Degrees at Mesa Community College, taking one or two classes a semester.  

Initially I was only enrolling in courses that interested me...and wasn't honestly looking for anything else.  I primarily just wanted to learn about computers and computer art, and study fine art techniques.

But more recently I've discovered that I had taken most of the core classes for those two areas of study and have gotten serious about finishing up, and from now on will concentrate on only classes that apply to those tracks.

It'll be good to put a period on both programs and then if I want to continue taking classes I can just go back to taking what interests me.

Video Competition:  Newest Video Posted At Bottom

Over the last few years MCC has hosted a video competition for enrolled students.  I entered in 2011 for both the spring and fall semester and won 1st and 2nd places respectively.

The idea behind the contest is to promote the school...which isn't hard for me to do because I've had a very good experience there and think it's an excellent opportunity for prospective students.

Here's my first place video from spring 2005:

Two weeks ago an instructor told me the contest was going to be held again this semester and sugggested I begin working on a video and so I started putting one together right away.

Last week I received an e-mail from the school saying that the contest was "officially" on.

I began working in earnest then and put in a number of hours...and was approximately two thirds of the way to having it finished.

Then on Monday of this week I received word that the school hadn't been able to secure funding for the contest and would have to cancel it.

I was disappointed...but they also indicated that they knew a few of us had already been creating our videos...and that MCC was willing to buy them.

But only IF they were finished by Wednesday!!

Now that was an offer I couldn't I quickly finished my video...changing a few things I had planned (like a voice over) so it could be completed on time and had it posted late Tuesday evening. 

So far it appears I was the only one to take them up on their challenge. 

Here's the result of those efforts:

Wednesday, when I went to school I was paid in cash!!! 

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus!  : ) 

Later I thought to myself:   “Any day I can make money from my art (including videos etc) is a good day”!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jephyr's Dream: On A Lake In A Storm, Alone And Blind

Warning:  This post contains several blatant references to God.


The Knight's Dream - Antonio de Pereda - 1655
Public Domain
I've decided to share a dream I had recently...and then offer my interpretation of it. 

I don't always think there are meanings to our dreams...but sometimes when one really sticks with me...I feel it takes on a greater significance.

Also, usually if I don't think about a dream immediately upon is quickly forgotten.  But in this case, I didn't start to think about the dream until I was already up and moving around...and to me that gives it an even greater weight.

The beginning of the dream was much longer and involved but none of that stayed with me.

But here is what I vividly remember:

My Dream:

I'd fallen asleep on one of those pool rafts you inflate and lay on...and was floating out on a lake.  

I began to slowly wake up and was very groggy.  I found myself laying on my belly with my arms hung over the sides of the raft and into the water.  I could hear and feel the water splashing up on and around me, and that and the movement of the raft on the choppy waves was part of what woke me.

Artist's Interpretation Rather Than
An Actual Photo From The Dream

Earlier I knew I'd been with a group of family and friends but now, after falling asleep, I was alone.

At the same time I began to come fully awake I realized that a storm was rapidly moving in. 

I thought to myself, "Why didn't anyone wake me or help me...why would they leave me sleeping out here on the lake alone with a storm moving in?" became PITCH black.  I literally could NOT see my hand in front of my face.

I felt very uneasy and knew I wanted to to try to make my way to shore as soon as possible, so I began to blindly paddle with my arms hoping I could find my way to land in the absolute darkness.  

And in my desperation I prayed:

Something simple, like:  "Oh...Dear God, in the name of Jesus, please help me."

Rembrandt - Christ in the Storm
Public Domain

Immediately I could see that I was within reach of some grassy, reedy plants along the shallows of the shore.

Then in the next moment I was out of the water and up on the bank.

As dreams often go, it got a bit more jumbled from then on and my memory of it gets more and more dim...but I do remember that it went on for quite a while longer.

It was only after waking up for real that I began to really think about the part of the dream I've just related, and decided it it was a very interesting.

First:  That I prayed...something I've not done often in my dreams that I'm aware of.

And second:  It was amazing and ultra cool that my prayer was answered so quickly!

But I also wondered if it had a deeper meaning.

Some Info On Dream Interpretation:

Painting:  Ivan Aivazovsky - 1898


After writing about that dream above, I searched for:  "what does water mean in a dream".  The first link took me to - Dreams About Water.

I don't always put stock in such things, but in this case some of the "meanings" they suggested there really resonated with me.


They suggest that:

  • Water is a powerful dream symbol that holds deep messages to the dreamer and shouldn’t be over looked.  
  • Water as a dream symbol represents your current emotional state of mind. 
  • Sometimes when we are unable to show our emotions in our walking life our dreams tend to bring them out in different forms.  
  • Recognizing the events in your water dream can benefit you in many ways mentally and physically. 

They go on to define different symbolic meanings that apply directly to events in my dream:

  • Splashed by Water - This is a dream symbol where you unconscious is telling you to wake up!  Get back on track with your life and stop stalling.
  • Water Storms – Storms in dreams can represent a deterioration of the past experiences or relationships. Storms represent a bad situation that we are in emotionally. 

As I related, in my dream I couldn't see...or it was too dark for me to see was utterly pitch black.  So I also did a search about "not being able to see in our dreams"...but couldn't find anything specific on that.

But I found something that I feel applies on  They say there that we can and should interpret our own dreams and if that interpretation seems right and makes sense to us...then we can be reasonably sure that it IS right.

My Dream Interpretation:

In my dream I was alone, blind and helpless, floating out on a lake with an approaching storm.

Photo:  Alessandro Zangrilli

At times, I've felt that way in my life...
that I'm alone on an ocean of water with storms all around me and I can't figure out how to change my situation or what I can or should do...and there is no one willing or able to help me.  I'd had a strong case of those feelings in the days around that dream. 
BUT...I've also been "sleeping"...or groggy and not fully awake...and there are definite things I should finally "wake-up" to...things I know I can and should be doing.

And finally, while it appears I am alone in these circumstances...when I pray God is able to quickly answer me and provide the help I need.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Stung By A Scorpion! FINALLY!!


You might be wondering about the title of this post:  Stung By A Scorpion!  FINALLY!!  

Finally??  Really??

Allow me to explain:

Living in the Phoenix area you quickly realize your ARE going to have several varieties of uninvited house-guests...and among them are Arizona bark scorpions.

Bark Scorpion - Photo: Brian Basgen, Sahuarita, AZ
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

I have two cats...and they have really kept the critter count down in my home and fortunately, I've read that cats are immune to scorpion stings.

But since moving here 16 years ago I've seen a number of scorpions inside...and if the cats didn't get to them first, I quickly help send them on their way to scorpion heaven.

Up until recently I even kept a jar that I would put them in as sort of a macabre way of keeping track of how many I'd thus encountered...AND it was over half full.  (including a few "deceased-by-my-hand" black widow spiders who'd also dared make their residence here) must be thinking Phoenix sounds like a terrible place to live!

Well........since we've just gone through numerous 114 degree days this summer accompanied by unusually high humidly...throw in a few scorpions and black widows...and I might be a little less enamored with desert living myself right now!!

; )   

Anyway...back to our scorpion tale  < Pun intended : )

I figured I'd probably be stung by a scorpion sooner or later.  Almost everyone you meet here has a story about a family member or friend who's been stung...or their own brush with destiny.

Over the years, I even considered just allowing one to sting me to get it over with...but always decided it'd be better to wait and let fate choose the day and hour.

Well...the waiting is over!

This evening I was walking barefooted into the kitchen and felt a very sharp pain on the bottom length of my 4th toe.

I've stepped on slivers of broken glass, or little thorns that find their way into the I wasn't sure what had just happened.

It was a bit dark so I turned on some bright lights to investigate and right where I'd been walking was a scorpion that I immediately dispatched to meet it's ancestors.

Acrylic Painting:  "Fear" - Copyright 2007, Jephyr

I'd finally been stung! 

For a moment, it crossed my mind that some people go into anaphylactic shock...but reassured myself that as a kid in Colorado I'd been stung by so many bees over the summers...that I'd surely built up some kind of immunity.


Now:  At least 3 hours have passed since being stung...and I can still really feel it.

Although, I've been bitten by red ants before and would put this below that on the pain chart.  OTOH it is much worse than those Colorado bee stings administered to me as a child.

There is still tingling and a steady but bearable pain just on that toe.  Some people report swelling but I haven't experienced any of that yet.

So now when people gather in darkened corners of rooms to talk in hushed tones about being stung...I can nod my head knowingly and officially say I too have felt the scorpions wrath...and have lived to tell the tale.


NOTE:  While I've written somewhat
humorously (I hope) about this experience...some people do have stronger reactions to scorpion stings.

Bark Scorpion Photo:
Musides (Public Domain)

If so....usually more severe symptoms will happen within minutes.  This may include vision problems, muscle twitching, a racing heart, etc.  

So if you or someone you know is stung...and begin to have conditions worse than I've emergency help immediately.


What To Do If You Are Stung By A Scorpion is a good resource for more information.


Thank you as always for looking in on my corner of the world!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jephyr: Life Drawing - Centurion Costume


I went to another life drawing open session this week hosted by Dr Gingher Leyendecker at Mesa Community College.

Most of these sessions are with un-draped models but this time we had Jesse, one of the "regulars", wearing a Roman Centurion costume.

Centurion Jesse - Longer Pose - Jephyr 2012

I've developed some confidence when drawing the nude human form...but found myself challenged when drawing from a costumed model where you're not able to see all the "landmarks" of the body you'd normally use as reference points.

My conclusion: I definitely need to do more of this!!

Centurion Jesse - Short Gesture - Jephyr 2012

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Painting Lesson: Seeing Color And Value

Painting Lesson: Seeing Color And Value

with Richard Robinson

Painting by Richard Robinson:  Not covered in this video

I found this video over a year ago and just stumbled on it again.

I'll post it here as a reminder to myself...and for anyone else trying to master some basics about color.

Richard talks about seeing color and value correctly and demonstrates some methods on how to do it more accurately.

"A" and "B" are the same color and value

See more painting lessons at:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Phoenix Dust Storm: Saturday 7-21-12


In my "studio" (the room with my computer : ) I keep the blinds on the lone window closed so light doesn't affect what I see on the screen as much.

Even so, I started to notice that the light in the room had taken on a brown-ish, red-ish hue!!

Outside we were having a major dust storm!!

So I grabbed my camera and snapped a shot or two.

You can see the some of the palms and trees are really being blown by the wind.

BTW...these were taken at approximately 5:00 pm Saturday 7-21-12.

You can see little blowing dust trails at the rear of the white car to the right!

UPDATE:  It's now 6:10 pm and we're having a real good rain!  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Computer Art And The Joy Of Pets

Hi again,

I once heard a professional artist talk about pets.  

He said he keeps his studio door closed while he's working because they can be distracting.

This NEVER happens to me!!  : )

Shasta.  Right before I snapped this image Maxwell, my male cat, was laying to the right of her...on my Wacom

Yep...right here!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jephyr Photograph: The Sky Speaks!


As mentioned in some of my latest blog posts...recently I've spent some time exploring the Apache Trail East of Phoenix, Arizona.

As you drive North past the Superstition Mountains, the road quickly becomes a winding 2 lane, up and down some fairly steep grades.  

Occasionally you pop out on top and have long panoramic views of the craggy desert mountains and distant peaks.  

As I neared Tortilla Flat, a little town with a big history, I saw a vista that compelled me to stop.

The sky was amplified by banks of clouds off in the distance with bright, clear skies over head.

Here's one of the images I captured of that scene with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

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Jephyr: A New Life Drawing 7-16-12


Yesterday I went to another Life Drawing Open Session at MCC hosted by the most excellent Dr. Gingher Leyendecker.

Even though it didn't start until 5 pm I was a little late.  But soon enough found a place to sit and got set up in time for the long pose.

At first, I wasn't sure I liked where I was sitting and even got up and looked to see if I could find something better but quickly decided to stay put.

I struggled to find my groove in the beginning...and early on it even crossed my mind just to pack it in.

But soon enough I was finding my way...and even started to enjoy myself.

As always I needed more time...and would've loved to keep working on this and really tighten it up.

But I'll present it here as a "quick" study...imperfections and all. 

: )

<  Click the image to see it larger


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inspiring: Ira Glass On Creativity

I found this on YouTube long ago...and fortunately just saw it again!

In this inspiring video, Ira Glass, a Public Radio veteran, talks about creativity...and the struggle to overcome ourselves!

It is a must listen for anyone just starting out in a creative field...and a good reminder for those already well on the journey!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Photographs From Last Weekend

Twice I found myself headed up the Apache Trail east of Phoenix over the weekend

The road winds along the Superstition Mountains through old Apache Indian lands...and past historic gold mining camps complete with tales of old prospectors and legends of lost gold mines.

In spite of the oppressive 108 degree weather I'd gone out in search of adventure and brought along my Canon EOS 5D Mark II to document what I might find.

"Shadow Dweller" - Photography by Jephyr, 2012

Along the way I saw a Forest Service road sign indicating there was a "look-out" point for a natural monument called Weaver's Needle.

I took the turn, and found only one other car in the parking area...parked and then began a short but blistering hike up the trail.

About half way up I stopped in the only shade I found and saw a little prickly pear cactus hunkered down in the shade...and snapped the image above.

"Sky Weaver" - Photography by Jephyr, 2012

Later when I reached the end of the trail, I was amused to discover that you could barely see Weaver;s Needle from the lookout point.  (In the image above you can just see Weaver's Needle along the horizon just to the right of center)

But rather than get frustrated I decided to make the best of it and began to notice the beautiful sky and the desert "garden" of plants and cacti all around.

"The Witness" - Photography by Jephyr, 2012

Did I mentioned it was HOT?  With the exception of one lone vulture way off in the distance I didn't see another living thing.

At that point I felt a bit like a crazed desert rat!

Later, on the way back down I swung into the Goldfield Ghost Town and snapped several images of old vehicles abandoned in the desert sun.

"End Of The Road" - Photography by Jephyr, 2012

All in all, it was a pretty good day.

Thanks as always for stopping by!


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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Lost Dutchman And Other Desert Tales


Twice over the weekend I drove east of Phoenix and up the Apache Trail.

This drive takes you through some very historic lands.  

Originally inhabited by the Apache Tribe, later as Europeans pushed westward it became a region for prospectors and gold fever.

A number of mines worked the area and made some men rich.  Some fell into legend.  Some lost it all.

"The Lost Dutchman's Dream" - Jephyr 2012

Men have literally given their lives chasing tales of a German immigrant's "lost" gold mine...but even then it's hard sometimes to separate fact from fiction.

Nevertheless...there were real tribes, and mines and real gold found in those mountains. 

And signs along the highway speak of them.

"The Ancients" - Jephyr 2012

I was searching for a different kind of treasure over the weekend..and found a few nuggets both days.

All the photos in this post are from Saturday , 7-7-12.

The cactus so familiar to all of us living here, are called Saguaros.  They don't grow a single arm until they are 75 years old.  So when you see one with several...they have been standing for many, many years.

"Superstition" - Jephyr 2012

On the drive back I stopped at a "historic" little shop...selling everything from snake-skins to maps.  Two ol' "desert rats" regaled me with tales from their pasts and from their store front pointed out several mines within sight from where we stood.

One told me about the fabulous wealth earned by some mines...and claimed that 75% of the gold in those mountains has still not been found.

I felt a bit of "gold fever" begin to rise...and perhaps understood just a little why men would leave their homes and families to dig treasure from such a  foreboding land.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fine Art America ROCKS!!


A while ago some friends said that they liked one of my digital paintings and I offered to have a print made for their newly remodeled kitchen.

The topic kinda got dropped and languished in the "we're all busy with our lives files".

Recently, I signed up for a paid membership with Fine Art America (FAA) a "Print On Demand Service".

FAA members upload images of their artwork, in large high quality file sizes, allowing people from all over the world to purchase posters, greeting cards, and/or prints, with options for framing & matting etc too.

Jephyr Profile on Fine Art America

I began uploading some of my artwork and photography and quickly began receiving traffic and comments from literally all around this great big world.

Soon  enough I realized that it would be an easy way to get a print made for my friends.

So I sent them a link to the image with a frame and matte I'd selected...and they indicated they were still on board with receiving it.    : )

Having lived enough years to have been disappointed many times with promises made by companies I deal with, I placed the order, but had it sent here first so I could inspect it.

WOW!  I had nothing to worry about.  The print looks great, it's professionally framed and matted, and the packaging is exceptional.

(shipping address and info is blurred.  : )

I've gotten used to the increasingly shoddy packaging by this last part was a pleasant surprise.

Before FAA...I would've had to find a place to have the print made, and then get it framed and matted, package it, and then send it on to my friends.  Lotza steps....lotza driving around and phone calls...dealing with lotza different businesses and people...with so many things that coulda gone wrong.

With select the image you want...and then you sit back and relax while they print it, assemble it and get it shipped off to you.

Easy Peasy!  : ) 

I'm a happy camper!  Thanks Fine Art America!!

And thanks to my patient friends...I hope you'll find this a reminder of our enduring friendship.


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Monday, June 18, 2012

Jephyr's Epic Adventure - Panicked Drive Into Miami, AZ : )


So I've come to the conclusion I need to do more planning!!!  : )

Yesterday I decided to head out east on Highway 60 thinking I'd drive to Globe, Arizona and take some photos along the way and back.  (yeah,!!)

Retired Mining Machine,
Miami, Arizona - Photo:  Jephyr 6-17-12

I got a bit of a late start and rushed off on my adventure.

It had been quite a while since I headed that direction and soon realized a number of things: It was going to take a lot longer to get there than I thought...I'd started out too late...and I'd forgotten there were some "passes" with some 6% grades I had to get up and over.

More importantly...on the way up one of those steep car's "gas tank on empty" bell rang for the second time.

Miami, AZ - "Evening Skyline" - Photo:  Jephyr 6-17-12

THAT worried me...but I thought..."no problem, I'll just stop at the next town and gas up"
< confirmed city-slicker

Then I passed a sign that said Miami - 14 Miles...Globe -  38 Miles...and something shy of panic set in.  : )   On that second chime I know I can go about 9 there was a distinct possibility that I could run out of gas!

I'm a praying man but usually do way less of it than I should/could...but I began a Tent Revival meeting right there in the car:  "Dear God...PLEASE help me make it to a gas station!"

Interesting "Storefront" - Miami, AZ - Historic District - Photo: Jephyr 6-17-12

I turned off the AC...made sure the windows were up (to reduce drag...hey I was desperate!) and even turned off the radio for good measure....and continued to beseech the Almighty!!

Finally I saw a sign that announced "Reduce Speed Ahead - Business District"...and I strained my eyes for a filling station.

But before I knew it....Whoosh!  I was through what ever little "town" that was without seeing a single gas station.

That began Jephyr's "epic neutral coast into Miami"!!!!!     hahaha

Fortunately, at that point, I was heading down some very steep I put my car in neutral...and used the brakes to keep from going over the rails as I screamed down that steep and winding road.

Then, after 15 minutes of that, thank the Good Lord, I started seeing signs that I was entering Miami...and gratefully coasted up to the first pumps I saw.

Cool bridge between Superior and Miami AZ - Taken just before the gas bell
rang a second time.  Photo:  Jephyr 6-17-12


Who says God doesn't answer prayers (and look out for fools!)!!!  
: )

In my desperate run for gas I saw the sun going down and several times wished I could stop.  For example I saw a little cemetery off to the side of the road with a large angel statue near it's center.  I might go back some day to investigate that and take some pics there and along the way.

I did manage though to take a few photos before I completely lost the light...I've posted a few here as a testament to that trip!

: )


As always, thanks for looking in!



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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Arizona's Salt River: Lotza Buzzards!


Yesterday I drove up the Bush Highway in the east end of the Phoenix Valley.  I was planning to take some photos at various locations along the way.

It had been a while since I'd been up there....and was sad to find that you now must have a permit in almost EVERY place there is to park.

In addition, there are now very few places the "powers that be" allow you to just pull off the road.

There are signs everywhere saying no parking and going on about fines and permits and violations.


It is VERY sad to me.

Oh well...times change I guess.


Dust Storm:

I did manage to stop at the Great Western Trail Head of the Tonto National Forrest...and video tape a huge dust storm that blew in.

I may post that sometime...but because I was right down in it...the video just looks like a brown cloud for a lot of it!  : )


Lotza Vultures - Oh My:

Later, as I drove back down into the Valley and passed through the "Lower Salt" I saw at least a dozen or more vultures flying in the sky.

I pulled over and snapped as many images as I could and will post some of the better ones here.

Taking these images did drive home the FACT that I need a longer lens.

Although as you can see after a while they started to drift further and further away...initially they were right over my head and fairly close to the ground.

I had my normally amazing Cannon 24-105 mm zoomed in all the way...but in the original photos the buzzards look like they are miles away.  So I had to "crop in" on all of these...and they are not as "clear and focussed" as I would've liked.

DADDY needs a new lens!!


All in all, though, it was a great day!

Thanks for stopping by!


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