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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cartoonist's "expression" tutorial by Tracy Butler


Recently I discovered the joys (and madness) of

: )

You simply click on their "stumble" button and they take you to some very interesting websites with illusions, photography, flash games, artwork, museum sites, humor and more.

By clicking "I like it" on pages you find interesting...Stumble will begin to deliver more sites like the one you you're on.

You can also create "interests" that further refine what Stumble will present to you.

Fair Warning:  Stumble can be a little addictive...and eat a lot of time...but it can be very interesting and educational too.

You might want to set a timer when you use it though!  : )


Yesterday Stumble took me to a  character expression tutorial by Tracy Butler.

I was immediately impressed by the way the information was presented...directly and clearly with a good dose of humor thrown in here and there.  Tracy's characters and artwork are really engaging too!

If you're a cartoonist this is "must have" information about creating character "expression".  Tracy gives numerous examples of all the "how to's" and even a few of the mistakes that can diminish the quality of your characters.

Although this is directed at cartoonists I found myself thinking of all the ways this could apply to caricatures...and even portraits.

Really...learning and putting into to practice the info that Tracy presents will be beneficial to any artist not already well versed in this instruction.

I contacted Tracy and received permission to use the image above, taken from the Tutorial.  I think it aptly demonstrates both her ability to handle expression and gives a look at her engaging cartoon style.

I'd encourage you to visit this tutorial...and then cruise around her links starting with her comic:  

Thanks Tracy...and thank you all for stopping by!

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