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Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Few More Drawings From My "Sketchbook"

Pencil sketch -  Copyright - 2016 - Jephyr
Pencil sketch -
Copyright - 2016 - Jephyr


I promised recently to get some more sketches from my sketchbook posted here—and have a moment to finally get to that.

We'll get to a better look at the one to the left—and a little description about it below.

But first I'll start with two older ones that I rediscovered recently.


Sometime in 2015, my friend Valen had given me some loose sheets of paper that he uses to create comic book pages.

I don't know if they were made grayish or if they have simply darkened over time—but the scans of these drawings might look a little darker than other sketches I've posted here—and that's why.

Pencil sketch: Haruldius - Copyright - 2015 - Jephyr
Pencil sketch: Haruldius - Copyright - 2015 - Jephyr

^ ^ ^  I don't remember anything about creating the sketch above in 2015—but like the character's "look" and "ancient Egyptian" looking beard.

I also thought he looked a little like a sad version of a very cool Uncle of mine, Harold (a very upbeat guy), who passed away a number of years ago—so I called this character Haruldius in honor of him.

: )

Pencil sketch - Copyright - 2015 - Jephyr
Pencil sketch - Copyright - 2015 - Jephyr

^ ^ ^   Another "rediscovered" quick pencil sketch from 2015 done on the paper I described above.

Although, when I was scanning it, I named this sketch "Hubert"—it brings to my mind an mean old codger from my hometown named Charlie, who owned a record store there when I was a kid.

Ironically—He HATED all young "long-hairs" and hippies—who were becoming his primary customers at the time

I've been wanting to tell a true and funny story about old Charlie for some time a posting this sketch is reminding me to get to it.

So stay tuned to this Bat-channel for that some day soon.

: ?

Pencil sketch - Copyright - 2016 - Jephyr
Pencil sketch - Copyright - 2016 - Jephyr

^ ^ ^  I just finished the sketch above last night when I was hanging out with Valen.

He and I had gone to an art store recently and I picked up some Mono graphite pencils and really like how black they are.

I'll still keep using my trusty Faber-Castell drawing pencils—but they tend to be more on the grey side.

This character and background were laid out using a Faber-Castell 2B and then finished off with a Tombow Mono 2B—pushing some of the darker values into the image with it.

The background "volcano and cave" was just a bit of whimsy that sprung outa my head—and I decided to give the rock a bit of a fleshy, organic feel for some reason.


Anywho—that'll do it for now.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Thanks for stopping by!