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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Rodolpho!": Another Wacom Tablet and Sketchbook Pro Image

After a semester of's so nice to be able to do whatever art projects I want to do.

Months ago I'd started this image and then had to put it aside when I got busy with other things. Now with a bit of free time I re-opened it and put some "finish" on it.

I call him "Rodolpho" and yes, he thinks he's magnificent. : )

Image Link

Created, once again, using Sketchbook Pro software and a Wacom Intuos tablet.


Image: Copyright 2009, Jeff Curtis, All Rights Reserved

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

My 2009 Christmas Card: A Wacom Tablet and Sketchbook Pro Image


A bit "after the fact"...but here was my Christmas e-card (because I ran outa time stiil a "work in progress" and plan to put some finishing touches on it):

(Click to see this larger)

Hope you had a great Christmas and have a Vunnerful New Year!!!

2010! Can you believe it???


Created, once again, using Sketchbook Pro software and a Wacom Intuos tablet.


Image: Copyright 2009, Jeff Curtis, All Rights Reserved

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Crackers!": Another Wacom Tablet and Sketchbook Pro Image

12-21-09: I just finished taking Painting II at MCC.

Sometime during the semester I started this image and then got too busy with class to finish it. I re-opened it recently and took a stab at completing it...and am glad I did.

I call this one: "Crackers"! : )

Created, once again, using Sketchbook Pro software and a Wacom Intuos tablet.


Image: Copyright 2009, Jeff Curtis, All Rights Reserved
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Phoenix": A Wacom Tablet and Sketchbook Pro Image

Recent Digital Art, created, once again, using Sketchbook Pro software and a Wacom Intuos tablet:

Alternative Image Link

I call this one "Phoenix".

(Image: copyright, 2009, Jeff Curtis, All Rights Reserved)

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!: A Wacom Tablet and Sketchbook Pro Image

A sketchbook pro/wacom tablet drawing I finished this morning (just in

Hope you have a fun Halloween!


Created, once again, using Sketchbook Pro software and a Wacom Intuos tablet.

(Image: All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2009, Jeff Curtis)


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- Ciao

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

See the movie Food Inc!!!

Sunday I went to see the movie Food Inc. It was VERY interesting, informative, alarming and at times quite saddening to see what is happening to the world-wide food industry.

If you have a few hours and a few bucks I HIGHLY recommend that you see it.

The audience in the Scottsdale theater where I saw it, applauded the end.

The film makes the case that much of our food is now grown, harvested, processed, packaged and sold by a few HUGE multi-national corporations whose main interest seems to often be only in the "bottom line".

This "monopoly" on food is unprecedented in the history of man.

The film also suggests that some of the appearance of food abundance in America is an illusion...and that many of our foods are made from a few crops (corn and soybean).

The steps some of these companies take to control or destroy small farmers, and to cut out competition is evil.

In fact, as the inter-connectedness of these companies...and the government regulators supposed to over see them...was shown...a women behind me said: "These people are EVIL!"

Warning: The scenes of modern methods of raising chicken and cattle...and um..."harvesting"...are pretty hard to see.

The film does offer suggestions about how to change things they do offer hope for change.

It is an excellent film...and I'll say again, I HIGHLY recommend that you see it!!


Friday, July 31, 2009

Adjustable rate EVERYTHING!!!! I admit my recent posts on this blog have turned somewhat curmudgeonly. In my defense...there IS a lot going on in this old world that could turn even the most ebullient among us into ill tempered puddles of goo.

Case in point: I opened the mail the other day and saw a flyer with the headline, "Satellite TV - $9.95 a month!"

I've prided myself on only having broadcast television for most all of my life. And now with 30 plus HD broadcast would take a lot to tempt me to pay for something I get for free.

But this package promised 150 digital and all the local channels, plus a complete Cinemax package, free dual channel recorder, and free set up and activation.

So, they had my attention.

Then I turned to the fine print.

You had to sign a 24 month contract to get this price and package. And the clincher: After 6 months the prices revert to the "Current Price Structure" of said package.

Translation (for anyone not already there): At the end of 6 months you will have NO idea what your TV package will cost, until it switches over.

It could be $20 a month...but what if they decide the "current value" of the package is $100.00 a month? $200.00 a month? A thousand a month? could cancel...for a price!!! I didn't even bother finding out what that fee would be. But other companies charge hundreds for the privilege.

So it got me to thinking...why would anyone sign a contract where payments are a moving target?

Why would anyone agree to obligate themselves to make payments that might...probably will go up...and not have any idea as you sign how much that might be.

So why sign THAT contract? Why have credit cards that can change the percentage and minimum payment you owe at ANY time? Why have a Home Loan with an adjustable rate?

I had a girl fiend in California 20 years ago. She had an adjustable rate mortgage on her home that could only be raised a certain percent per year. The bank told her it also could have been adjusted down as well. They must've had to stifle their laughter when they said that.

So what happened? Every year the bank raised her rate to the highest interest rate it could...and in a few years she was struggling to pay her increasing larger loan and eventually walked away from her home...and a sizable down payment.


Will $9.95 seem like a good deal when you get your first bill with the new rate 6 months from now?

If a company cannot agree to a set payment for a set service...and has an option to change the rate at a given time...RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

And while you're at it...take some sissors to all your credit cards.

You'll thank me later.

: )

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm 40 something guy...taking college classes again, so I spend many days around young men and women, many half my age and more.

Recently I began noticing something: Most of them are much shorter than I am.

Some background:

When I was young, my grandfather was a 6 footer, and my dad was 6'1". My parents told me Doctors had said that I could be as tall as 6'4".

Eventually, I did grow to be nearly 6'2"...and after years of squeezing myself into back seats, airline seats and searching endlessly for pants with a 36" quite glad not to have grown into those predictions.

In high-school, many of my friends were 5'10" and taller. Some towered over me.

In the late 70's in college, I felt like I was in average in height. Perhaps a bit taller than most...but not a freakish giant either.

But recently I began to notice that most every male in my college classes were 5'10" and less. I look over the heads of most all of them with few rare exceptions.

I wondered if there was anything to this. Whether it was a trend...or a local phenomena. Or if I just imagined that the people from my generations and those before us...were actually taller.

Entering "Americans getting shorter" in google gave me the instant answer: YES! It seems from research and studies...we ARE.

So why is this happening?

My first thought went to the change in the way families now eat.

When I was a kid, almost everyone ate meals prepared at home. There were few fast food restaurants to be found...and eating meals out were rare occasions.

My mother cooked balanced meals, NOTHING was fried, and she always included plenty of fruit and vegetables

But now: According to a study by the Social Science Quarterly:

"[...] we can conjecture that there are differences in the diet of U.S. and European children that could affect human growth. For example, U.S. children consume more meals prepared outside the home, more fast food rich in fat, high in energy density, and low in essential micro nutrients, than do European children."

And from another link in reference to the same article:

Now, with an average height of 5′10″, American men are now significantly shorter than men from countries [such as] Denmark (6-footers) or the Netherlands (6′ 1″). In fact, Americans –men and women — are now shorter, on average, than the citizens of every single country in Western and Northern Europe.

So Americans are becoming shorter...and it would seem our diet is at least partially too blame. (Other research points to other causes including our overly medicated society)

I'd write more on the subject but I'm meeting the neighbors and their kids at McDonald's.


NEXT post: Why in the world are Americans getting fatter???

: /

Saturday, April 18, 2009

America's Final Days?

There is some argument where the quote at the end of this post originated. But this serves only to distract from its truth.

It has been attributed to Scotsman Alexander Frazer Tytler, LORD WOODHOUSELEE. But many question it's origin.

If you'd like to read more about it's history please visit this link
where Loren Collins writes about her research on the quote and concludes that the attribution to Tytler cannot be verified.

But even Collins admits "that these quotes were probably coined by separate individuals in the first half of the twentieth century..." and that as early as 1943 elements of this quote were being circulated.

Collins' research shows that in speeches, Henning Webb Prentis, Jr., President of the Armstrong Cork Company, used elements from this quote, including one delivered on June 5, 1951 where he added: "In the United States we stand today at the complacency-apathy stage."

Regardless where it originated, it has represented the truth for many, myself included. And now it has been nearly 60 years Since Prentis placed the US along it's scale.

My hope is that we in the US, where we have had such incredible freedom and prosperity will seriously look at it's meaning...and judge for ourselves what truths the quote contains...and perhaps change the road we're on, before we once again find ourselves in bondage to tyranny.

The quote:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse (generous gifts) from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.

Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job?

On Monday, March 30, 2009 my friend
Axis (Kyle) wrote on his MySpace Blog:

I have been looking, at least subconsciously, probably for years for someone who would tell me to just quit my job, stop doing meaningless work, and start doing what matters to me. I don't know why, but I really need the encouragement from an authority figure. It's not that I can't make my own decisions. It's simply that I've been bombarded with advice from the opposite end of the spectrum. "Play it safe," they say. "Don't quit your day job." "Just do what you want on the side until it's safe."

Here's the thing...If I had been allowed to simply follow my own impulses and interests to this point, I believe I would be far more successful and happy in having what I want than I am now. I'm 21 now, I can't act like a teenager. I can't act like I don't have responsibilities, and that's not the kind of advice I'm summoning. But there are things I want to do, and I know exactly what they are. Things that take time. Time that is being taken from me by things I would rather not do. If the only advice I ever received was not based in fear and security but rather in love and confidence, then I would not be here right now. If instead of being told to play it safe all the time, I was being told to stop doing meaningless bullshit (why am I doing it in the first place?) and to pursue exclusively that which makes me happy and whole (doesn't that make sense anyway?), I would feel confident in what most would call "insecurity".

I don't know what to do...I don't want to bitch all the time and focus on what makes me unhappy. But I am very conflicted and very frustrated. I need at least to perceive that pursuing what I want while dismissing what I don't makes more sense (because I know it does), and that it's better and safer in the long run. So...will anyone tell me what I want to hear?



I wrote in response:"

! I was young once...and now I'm old. : ) But I truly wish that someone had said the things you want to hear when I was young too.

But I got the same messages about playing it safe etc. I do think those things are said because people care for us...they want the best for us...but sometimes it also comes from fears for us. Fear that the world is a "tough place". Fear that we will need to have a "good" job to support ourselves, and perhaps a wife or family etc etc etc.

But in my life, in spite of my best efforts to PLEASE EVERYONE ELSE!! I wound up chasing my dreams. I didn't get much support...and no one was there to advise it was slow going...but now I feel like I KNOW the way!!! Never-​the-​less,​ it hasn't been easy. But NOTHING is.

So my advice: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!!! As long as you work hard at them!! Because often creative people, who have dreams...spend all their time in that dream world. So if you want to be an artist. Be one...and fill up sketchbooks and portfolios and websites with your work. If you want to write. Write then...and fill up journals, hard-drives, and blogs with your writing. Whatever it is...always give it your best effort. Sure...allow yourself to have days...when you feel less inspired.​.​.​feel less like creating.​.​.​working.​.​.​but not too many.

As you work at your WILL gain confidence in your own ability to guide yourself...and you'll calm the fears of anxious friends and family...if you show yourself and them that you are serious about working at your dream...and not just dreaming about it.

A word about being an American youth: I was one once too. We grow up in a land of prosperity.​.​.​and many of us begin to think we're entitled to success and happiness. We aren't. It's no secret that often immigrants who come to this country from places of high work ethics...or a sense of self determination.​.​.​find HUGE success. And while success often means making lots of money...I mean it more in the sense of accomplishment.​.​.​perhaps less money.​.​.​perhaps more...but the ability to choose what you want out of life...and then pursue it!!!

The book (Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin) I ordered for you came on Monday...I'll bring it next week. I hope it will inspire you to chase your dreams with all your might."


Thanks to Kyle for allowing me to publish this exchange on my blog.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Leonardo on self-improvement

Leonardo Da Vinci: "I say it is far better to draw in company than alone for many reasons: the first is that you will be ashamed to be seen among the draftsmen if you are unskillful and this shame will cause you to study well.

In the second place, a feeling of emulation will goad you to try to rank among others who are praised more than yourself.

A third reason is that you will learn from the methods of such as are abler than you and if you are abler than the others you will profit by eschewing their faults and hearing yourself praised will increase your skill."

Image of Leonardo Da Vinci by the master himself
I call this image Bernie's Happy Dance.
Hope it brings a smile to your face!

I used Sketchbook Pro software and a Wacom Intuos Tablet to draw/paint Bernie.
The background was created in Photoshop.
The word balloons and text were added using the Comic Life application.

Bernie's Happy Dance by Jephyr

Copyright 2009, Jeff Curtis
All Rights Reserved
(added to this blog under the image use agreement)

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