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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

See the movie Food Inc!!!

Sunday I went to see the movie Food Inc. It was VERY interesting, informative, alarming and at times quite saddening to see what is happening to the world-wide food industry.

If you have a few hours and a few bucks I HIGHLY recommend that you see it.

The audience in the Scottsdale theater where I saw it, applauded the end.

The film makes the case that much of our food is now grown, harvested, processed, packaged and sold by a few HUGE multi-national corporations whose main interest seems to often be only in the "bottom line".

This "monopoly" on food is unprecedented in the history of man.

The film also suggests that some of the appearance of food abundance in America is an illusion...and that many of our foods are made from a few crops (corn and soybean).

The steps some of these companies take to control or destroy small farmers, and to cut out competition is evil.

In fact, as the inter-connectedness of these companies...and the government regulators supposed to over see them...was shown...a women behind me said: "These people are EVIL!"

Warning: The scenes of modern methods of raising chicken and cattle...and um..."harvesting"...are pretty hard to see.

The film does offer suggestions about how to change things they do offer hope for change.

It is an excellent film...and I'll say again, I HIGHLY recommend that you see it!!