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Friday, May 31, 2019

Great Niece And Nephews Coloring My Sketches


Not long ago I was sketching in a local coffee house and a young woman seated near me and I started chatting. Our conversation turned to what I was working on—and when I showed her that day's drawing and a few others she commented that they looked like they would be great for a coloring book—something that had occurred to me as well.

A bit later, I spoke with my niece who has three young kids—and asked if it would be OK to print-out some of my sketches and send them to her for her kids to color.

She agreed—so I printed out 3 copies each of a bunch of my recent drawings and sent them off to her (along with a box of crayons and colored-pencils).  A few days later, she let me know through an email she had received my package and included some sweet photos of her kids.

It made me very happy to hear that my great niece and nephews are enjoying what I sent—and with their momma's permission—I'll share a pic of her kids coloring three different drawings from the group I sent.

The Three B's Making Artistic Magic On Their Great Uncle's Sketches

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God Bless!


  1. Hi Jephyr,
    it was not coincidence that the lady in the coffee shop suggested you create some colouring books with your pics. Things are set up by the Lord, and that conversation was to encourage you to do what you had thought of doing with your work. Lovely pic of your great nephews enjoying colouring your sketches. Continue on with the idea, it is great.

    1. Thanks so much Brenda. As I wrote it made me very happy to see my great niece and nephews enjoying what I'd sent. Thank you also for your Godly encouragement. I've been seeking our Lord about the next steps to take with my art and career and am happy when any door opens to me. Thank you again and God's continued Blessing and Healing on your life!

  2. Jephyr, there is a follower come up on my blog called Jephyr X2, is that you?

    1. Hi Brenda, I just looked at your followers. If it's "Jephyr X" at the top of the first page—that's me. I recently deleted my google profile image for this account. I didn't realize I followed you under just "Jephyr" too (on your "followers" page 2)—but don't even remember how to access that account right now. If there is a "Jephyr X2" then that is not me and it would seem like someone is trying to spoof my account. Please let me know. Thanks Brenda

  3. Hi Jephyr,
    I just looked at my 'followers' list and page 1 shows you as Jephyr,JephyrX and page 2 shows you as Jephyr. Perhaps it will come up correctly on page 1 if you 'unfollow' on page 2. It might be doubling the name Jephyr because there is already one on there. I am not very good on technology, but it is worth a try.

    1. Hi Brenda, Both are my accounts. I'm not sure if I remember how to sign into one of them. Unless it bothers you to have me follow on both accounts I'll leave it as it is. Otherwise, Please let me know if you'd prefer that I only follow you with one account and I'll look into removing the one I don't use. Thanks and God's Blessings on you and all you love! ☺