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Monday, July 15, 2019

Jephyr In Surgery Recovery Mode

Awesome Video Below

Hi all.

I had a surgery around 2 weeks ago—and wasn't able to do any art leading up to it—or at all since then.

Fortunately—recently I've begun to improve and have started to feel up to doing a few things again—including this update.


Since I don't have any new artwork—I thought I'd share a cool video I just found.

To give some background:  I've always said to people, "I like dogs and all kinds of animals, but I LOVE cats."

Though—I'm well aware that there are a lot of people who really HATE cats—but I think a lot of that comes from just not understanding them.

Years ago, I sang and played guitar with bands and we ended up rehearsing at my place.  At that time I had two cats and one day during a break my little female tabby, Shasta, wandered into the room.

Our drummer made a snarky comment about cats and added "they don't even come to you when you call them."

I was laying back on a couch and said, "Oh, really?" and patted my chest a couple of times while looking at my kitty, Shasta.

She was all the way across the room but immediately bounded over to me and right up onto my chest and immediately laid down.

I have to admit even I was a little amazed—but the normally tough groups of doods in the band all just silently stared at her in disbelief.


Shasta also loved to ride around on my shoulder—and both of my cats made ample use of me every time I sat or laid down.

When I'd go from room to room or do work in my yard they would follow me around—keeping me company everywhere I'd go.

A neighbor (who'd confessed to me that she didn't care very much for cats) couldn't help but notice how they always stayed near to me while she and I would chat out on the sidewalk in front of our houses—and laughingly admitted she'd never seen anything like it.


The key with cats that many people don't know is that they give ample amounts of the same attention they receive back.

So—if from the time they are kittens—you talk to them, allow them to cuddle up to you, lavish them with your time and attention—including a liberal dose of chin/head and back rubs—they will in turn lavish you with their time and attention, want to be around you, and even come when you call.

While I freely admit that most cats are much more wary of strangers and will keep their distance initially—given a bit of time they will usually warm up to whoever is around as well—IF of course they feel welcomed.


A Screen Shot From The Video Below:  Dean and Nala Bike Around The World

Anyway, the video below shows a guy who is traveling around the world by bike—and found a stray kitten along the way that he adopted.

He ended up falling in love with the little cat who now accompanies him on his continuing journey.

It's a lot of fun to see their amazing bond—and hear about their travels together.

Hope you love this as much as I did.

Thanks for stopping by.

See you again soon.....


  1. Hi Jephyr,
    i just watched this video and my husband is going to watch it later too. It is an absolutely beautiful story. We adore cats and have always had rescue cats. We took two cats and a motorbike to Australia once. We have a lovely cat called Tinker at the moment. She is about twelve now and is utterly spoiled. When we went to the rescue centre to get a 'pussy' about eight years ago we came to her cage and she just rolled over and looked straight into our eyes individually. We knew we had to take her. She has just come into my workroom telling me she wants her breakfast.:-)

    1. I thought it was a beautiful story too, Brenda and hope your husband will enjoy it as well. It sounds like you must have had quite an adventure with your cats and motorbike in Australia too. Tinker sounds lovely and I know what you mean about just "knowing" that a cat is "yours." : )

    2. We went to live in Australia three times Jephyr and had to leave our beloved cats with our special friends there when we returned to the UK because they would have had to be quarantined in the UK for six months.

    3. That must have been difficult to leave your much loved kitties behind. I get so attached to mine but understand having them sit in quarantine for 6 months wouldn't be a good option either. It sounds like you left them in good hands though and I'll bet that made it a little easier for you.

  2. What am I like Jephyr!!
    I got carried away by the beautiful cat story and forgot to say 'God bless you with full recovery and good health to follow.' I see so many videos on your sidebar that I want to watch, will make sure I do over the next few days.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, Brenda. Every day I'm feeling better. I'd lost my voice after the surgery and could only speak with a raspy whisper and just in the past few days it has come back and I am very thankful for that. I hope you enjoy whatever posts/videos you have time for. Thanks as always for your encouragement and comments both here and on my Christian music blog. God Bless you, Brenda!