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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jephyr Posts Recent Sketchbook Drawings


I've finally found some time...just before school starts go through my sketchbook from last year and scan some sketches.

I'll post a few today...and say a word or two about them as well.

Let's get started with this guy:

Sadly, during the first half of 2012...I'd let some loser "critic" get in my head and hadn't been drawing as much as I usually do.

I know I shouldn't let that happen...but have been reminding myself we all do this from time to time.

From reading many biographies of well regarded and famous artists...I know they also allowed these pathetic "chiggers" of humanity get under their skin on occasion too.

So...I figured I had a lot of good company...finally brushed it off...and got back to drawing.

I sketched this guy sometime early last fall.

I felt very stiff and rusty...but it was good to start drawing on a regular basis again!!

As you can see ^^^^ I still haven't gotten these hulking brutes outa my system.  I hope to put them to good use in a graphic novel that's germinatin' in my mind.  (see my December 29,2012 post about it)
This time our brute, "Grak", has discovered a life-form...but was a bit too rough with the poor little guy. 

Reminds me of my childhood days as an amateur entomologist...and the carnage of insect carcases left in the wake behind me.
Jephyr Art - Sketchbook - Cartoon / Caricature - Halloween Dood - de'Viladeux
Around Halloween of 2012...this guy just mysteriously appeared in my sketchbook!  :) 
But seriously...I'd just bought a book on caricature by Mad Magazine's Tom Richmond...and was inspired by the way he draws wacky teeth on some of his characters.

(Amazon:  The Mad Art Of Caricature - Tom Richmond)

So...with that...and Halloween in the air...I done draw'ed me this guy!  :)
Jephyr Art - Sketchbook Drawings  (a fantasy horse and warrior poses)
I'm working on my stretching my "imagination"...something I feel I always need to think about when it comes to my artwork. 

This horse came outa my pencil one day last fall as I just let the drawing "happen".
The thumbnail sketches of the warrior were some ideas for poses I had in mind for illustrating the Bible reference to "put on the whole armor of God". (Ephesians 6:10-17)

Speaking of trying to stretch my imagination...I'll share this final sketch.

Last summer I was sitting in a restaurant and noticing how many of us Americans have gotten fat. 

I was also thinking about how many chemicals are added to our foods and all the genetic manipulation of our food crops, chicken and cattle etc.

This sketch of a fat astronaut with three legs was the result.

I call it:   "NASA / McDonald's / Monsanto 2018 Mission To Mars"  :)


Well...that'll do it for today...hopefully I can post more of my sketchbook scans soon.

Thanks as always for stopping by!


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  1. Fascinating sketches - I love them all.
    Critics only know how to criticize, they have no other talents.....

    1. Thank you so very much Jon! I appreciate that!

      So true about critics...and in this case that can certainly be applied.

      Thanks again! :)

  2. Oh yes Jephyr, I think some of us might need three legs to carry the extra weight eh? Seriously though I do not know how anyone could critiisize your work, it is excellent. Sometimes I think this kind of criticism helps to push us on, after we have got over the fact that there are some strange people around, and can make us stronger and more determined to do that which we are cut out to do. I think your artwork, together with your personality and faith, could be used to definately create a book with a very well illustrated message in it.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      I can finally use the "reply" button!! Contacted Blogger Support and it looks like they've fixed it! Thanks Blogger!

      Regarding criticism: Thank you so much...and once we're knocked off balance by critics and then begin to dust our selves off can defintitely make us stronger and more determined!

      Hopefully this year I can begin to share some specific ideas I have for the graphic novel.

      Thank you again Brenda!