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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Snow" Falls In Phoenix Arizona


I've lived in the Phoenix area for over 15 years and had family here for some 35 years now.  So through the years I've seen all kinds of different Phoenician weather.

BUT NEVER SNOW!! be fair the media is calling it graupel or a "soft hail".  *

But to me...if it walks like a duck..............

And what we had here this evening...we would've called snow when I was growing up in Colorado.

Granted, there wasn't much...what my mom woulda called "just a skiff".

But I snapped a few pics as a reminder...and I'll let you decide for yourself what to call it. : )

Keep in mind as you're looking at theses images that Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert often records temperatures of 114 degrees!

2013 Snow in Phoenix Arizona - Image by Jephyr
Note the Palm Tree off in the far right

"Snow" sticking to cars and lawns:

2013 Snow in Phoenix Arizona - Image by Jephyr

2013 Snow in Phoenix Arizona - Image by Jephyr

2013 Snow in Phoenix Arizona - Image by Jephyr

*  A few years ago the main-stream media breathlessly, and unanimously reported a "man" gave birth to a child.  So maybe they aren't always the best source of truth and information. 


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  1. Wow! That's a bit wild for Arizona. Be safe while driving and stay warm.


  2. yep...that looks completely like snow!

  3. I'm familiar with Phoenix, and that sure as heck looks like snow to me. Ironically, we just got some snow here in West Texas. Texas is generally flat, but I live in a town where the elevation is 3,500 feet. I'm freezing!

  4. Hi Jephyr,
    we've had enough snow here in Wales for me to be quite certain that what you have there is definately snow.

  5. Hi all, My ability to reply to individual comments has gone away again. Hopefully everyone will see their reply down here.

    Child of God: Good to see you! Thanks for stopping by. Yes...I'd never seen snow it was very odd. Hope all is well for you! God Bless!

    Patrina: Hello...thanks for stopping by...glad you agree! :)

    Jon: Howdy! :) Yeah I always think of Texas as flat...but 3,500 is up there! Hope you're thawing out after your snow!

    Brenda: Hi! Interesting...I don't think of Wales as having snow. Glad others agree that what I saw was snow. Later the news media started calling it even they came around eventually!

    Thanks again everyone! I really appreciate your comments and visits!

  6. PS: Child of God...I meant of course that I'd never seen snow in the Phoenix area...being a Colorado kid I thought I'd better clarify so they'd let me back into that state again!! hahaha