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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Newest Video: "Pareidolia" (Transformation) Animation / Animatic

Screen Capture from Jephyr Art Video - Art 202 Pareidolia Animation / Animatic
Screen Capture From The Video


In my last post I wrote about working on the second assignment for my MCC Art 202 class...a 1 minute minimum Pareidolia* Video (transforming one object into another).

Our instructor was covering the "motion and animation" capabilities of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects CS6.

He gave some quick but intensive lectures about the use of time-lines, puppet warps, rotoscoping, and keyframing etc using the software...and showed the class numerous examples of animations and videos as examples and inspiration.

I was glad I had some experience already using Adobe Flash and Autodesk Maya...this gave me a toe hold on all those concepts...and that was very helpful.

As of that last post I had created the storyboards for the project and had just begun animating it.

I was planning to use photographs for the project...but when my instructor saw my hand drawn storyboards he encouraged me to draw all the elements I'd need.

Now I'm glad I did!

Screen Captures from Jephyr Art Video - Art 202 Pareidolia Animation / Animatic

I ended up putting in countless hours for the final video...and was especially driven because I only had a 30 day trial of After Effects and it was due to expire several days before the project due date.

All in all I learned a ton and hope to be able use a lot of it in future projects.

Anywho...if you have a moment please give the video a look.  The video minus credits is just around 1:30 long.

Thanks as always for stopping by! 


*   A when we perceive something recognizable in a random seeing faces or animals in clouds for example...or the face of someone on burnt toast.


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  1. I do love the 'hand-drawn' elements...oh so much more character than photos. But a lot of work. These 'hand-drawn' showcases your creativity even more... good job. I like it...I hate bugs...and so ... that crawling thing that just transformed and crawled away....creeped me out!

    But clever!

    thanks for sharing
    patrina <")>><

    1. Hi Patrina, Thank you...I'm glad my instructor made that suggestion too.

      Sorry about the bug. :) Glad you still liked it over-all.

      Thanks again