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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

AWESOME Video: Take Responsibility For Your Life - Motivational Speech

Personal Responsibility - Photo by Jephyr


I've been hearing a lot about personal responsibility recently—and that message has began to echo in my thoughts more and more lately.

In the last few days I found a video by Team Fearless that completely nails what it is all about.

From the video's description on YouTube:

"It is absolutely essential you take responsibility for your life if you wish to attain any level of success.

The average tend to complain and blame everyone and anything for the reasons they are not where they want to be, where as the successful, who may have had a tougher road, chose to FIGHT BACK, chose to NEVER GIVE UP and to take full responsibility for all the circumstances that arrive. Good and bad. This does not mean allowing ANYONE to walk over you, it means you push past "circumstances" and create your own reality, your own success REGARDLESS of "what happens"

I hope this video helps you on your journey too.

Thank you for stopping by!

God Bless!

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