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Thursday, July 10, 2014

NEW Tutorial Video: Awesome FREE Photoshop CS 6 Painter's Color Wheel Extension (CS 4 & 5 versions as well)

Video Below

* PLEASE NOTE *:   Unfortunately it seems that this painter's wheel no longer works for "Creative Cloud 2014" because Adobe is now using html for extensions instead of flash.



Back in February of 2013 I made a tutorial video about Len White's awesome FREE! Color Wheel!

It quickly became a popular post on this blog and in just over a year on YouTube it had passed 30,000 views...and over 300 comments...and nearly 250 "thumbs ups" from various viewers.

Then one black day a few months ago I was informed by the dark overlords ruling YouTube that my video had "violated community standards" and had been removed.

Not unlike Orwell's "Big Brother"...this cryptic notice didn't say exactly why this step had been taken...and there is no way to directly contact anyone about it...but they thoughtfully included a link that offered a number of reasons why a video might be removed.

The best I could figure from looking over this info was that my video had included screen-captures of several different software interfaces...from the Color winRAR...and even Len White's site....and someone had flagged my video over their copyright.

Since there are hundreds of thousands of tutorial videos (if not millions) just like mine...I thought there was precedent...but YouTube says that even if others are violating their standards...videos which do...can be subject to removal.

I could have filed a "protest"...but soon I figured..."their house..their rules"...and moved on.

Then...the more I thought about it I decided that there had been so much interest in Len White's Painter's Wheel...for example many, many comments said just "THANK YOU!" I wondered if I could make a new one...that wouldn't use any screen captures...and hopefully not be subject to removal.


At long last I finally finished uploading the new one today...and invite you to check it out.

It's posted below!

BTW...I learned a ton about my video editing software and had a lot of fun experimenting with it.

Hope you enjoy it too!


Here's what I said about it in my original post back in 2013:

I just put together and uploaded a video tutorial for Len White's Free "Painter's Color Wheel" for Photoshop CS 6 (which is backward compatible with CS 5).

There is also a CS 4 + version available which works for both CS 4 and 5.

The Painter's Wheel for CS 6 has a few more features and uses the popular Photoshop darker color scheme for its interface.

But if you're like me and have Photoshop CS 5 and don't mind a little different look for the interface...IMHO you'll want to use the CS 6 version for those little "extras".

Here's a look at the CS 6 interface:

Screen Capture of Len White's "Painter's Color Wheel" for Adobe Photoshop CS 6

And here's the CS 4 + version:

Screen Capture of Len White's "Painter's Color Wheel" for Adobe Photoshop CS 4 +

And at long last...the new video!

Thanks fer schtoppin by!!  : )


  1. I'm so sorry that your initial video on YouTube was flagged and removed - especially since it was obviously very popular. I hope that your new video will be just as successful. In my humble and amature opinion, your new video is very clear, concise, and extremely well made.

    I like YouTube a lot, but they are notorious for flagging and removal. One of my piano videos was flagged for possible copyright infringement. I performed a piano piece by Franz Liszt that was published 150 years ago. Go figure......

    1. Thanks so much Jon...I really appreciate that you watched this and added your encouraging comment!

      That is so crazy about your Liszt video too. So you know very well that YouTube's "system" can leave you scratching your head??!!

      I'd love to view your video(s)...I'll look for links on your blog and do some searching...or if you see this...could you let me know?

    2. Found your YouTube channel Jon...listening to your playlist now. are a very acomplished pianist! Considering my playing sounds like a cross between a cat walking across the keys and a five year old pounding on them with their fists. Listening to Clair delune right now...excellent!

  2. Jeff, thanks so much for taking the time to watch my piano videos. Most of them are amature rehearsal videos that are transfered from VHS to DVD (poor quality). I simply propped up an El Cheapo camcorder on a bookshelf while I played.
    Also thanks for visiting my blog. You caught me on a stressful day.

    1. Yer so welcome Jon...glad to give yer music a listen! worries about the quality. Actually I sat there watching you thinking about the marvel of this sitting in my hovel...watching you perform...what otherwise would have been lost in the ether in a live performance...can now be viewed all over the world.

      Also...I find your writing so creative it's not hard at all to read about your rough day...I've had you know I can sympathize along with ya!!