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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jephyr's Newest Digital Painting: "Doc"


A while back I made a very quick digital sketch of a character.

As with a lot of my concepts, I really didn't have an idea in mind as I did itand though it was very loose and unrefinedthere was something I kind of liked about him.

I saved the sketch to a folder (and named the character "Doc") and periodically I would open that sketch in my software, fire up my Wacom Intuos stylus, and tinker around with itpainting a little here and there.

I admit thatalthough I generally liked the characterit was a struggle to "bring him to life".

Recently, though, I was getting closer and closer to feeling like I had him completedand one day while I worked on him, I moved the software interface over as I attended to something else.

 When I looked back at my digital painting it seemed that "Doc" was peering at me around other windows I had open on my computer.

So I decided to paint a wall or column he's looking around (and add his hand resting on it), and felt this was the final piece of the "puzzle"making the over-all image WAY more powerful.

"Doc" - Work In Progress Digital Painting - Copyright, 2016 - Jephyr! - All Rights Reserved
"Doc" - Work In Progress Digital Painting - Copyright, 2016 - Jephyr!


My hero, the late Frank Frazetta, defended his decision to work on paintings until he was satisfied that they were "done", even AFTER he'd sold the rights to a publisher and they'd achieved a lot of acclaim.

Though, I cannot put myself in the same company as Frazetta when it comes to my skill right now (but I'm working on it...SERIOUSLY), I'll reserve the right to call what I'm presenting today a "work in progress" and may continue to paint on Doc until I feel he is "finished."

Anyway...I'll share him now as seen at the top of this postand will update here down the road if I work on him some more.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at Doc.

See you soon!

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