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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jephyr Drawing Wins Utrecht Award At 2012 MCC Student Art Show

Hi all!

I was happy to learn recently that my graphite drawing, "Model C", had been selected for a $100.00 Utrecht Award at the 2012 Mesa Community College Student Art Show!

The annual event, held this year from April 9 - 19th, is presented each spring by the school's Art Department. Student artwork is selected for the show by the faculty from various disciplines such as Life Drawing, Painting, Computer Arts, and Ceramics.

This year's show was really good and there were quite a number of excellent pieces. 

My 18" x 24" graphite drawing created for Drawing II (entitled "Model C") won a Utrecht Award which included a $100.00 gift certificate to Utrecht Art Supplies!

I smell a shopping spree coming on!  : )

In the drawing I added crab legs to the body of a Ford Model T and placed it on a dirt road in a rural setting.  I took the assignment a few steps further by adding steam escaping from an over-heated engine and turning into a school of fish.

Here's a pic I snapped at the show.


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