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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jephyr posts various, recent sketchbook graphite drawings!

Hi again,

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.  I've had a busy 2012 already!  Some good...some bad.

Bad:  I'd been slowed down over the last few months by some annoying little injuries and some external issues that needed my attention.

Good:   Recently I had a dream that caused me to re-evaluate my priorities and life and know I need to spend more time creating art and figuring out ways to market and sell it.

Anywho...I've gone over my recent sketchbook drawings and decided to post some here...something I've not done much of on this blog before.  Usually I've been sticking to posting only completed artwork...and usually stuff I've created digitally.

I've been using something called a "scribble" technique in my sketchbook recently.  It's valuable when your feeling stumped for ideas.

Lately I'd been feeling like I was doing the same type of sketches over and over.  So I started many of these by simply scribbling on the page...and then looking for lines that helped lead me to coming up with the final drawing.

Case in point:  The sad eyed guy above started as a scribble.  : )

It's a fun technique and I'd recommend it if you're feeling a little stale.

Another scribble drawing ^ ^ ^

A kinda cartoony doe, moose, dog thang.  : )

My scribbles helped me create this guy ^ ^ ^

I've been fascinated recently by water buffalo from Africa.  This guy is kinda a chimp / water buffalo with piercings, an Egyptian beard and Keith Richard type dread thingy's.

A scribble that became a self portrait ^ ^ ^  hahaha

I used some frog pics I found on-line to reference his face, hands and feet a bit.

A scribble that led to this Bot guy with hooves  ^ ^ ^

I drew this buxom lady's legs first and then had to figure out how to fit her upper body on the page ^ ^ ^

Solving these kinds of problems as I draw helps me understand movement and I think keeps my characters from becoming stiff.

Sometimes it's valuable to paint yourself in the corner.

This drawing was driving me nuts ^ ^ ^  (which is becoming a shorter and shorter drive!! : )

I went to a very cool coffee house in central Phoenix.  It's filled with young hipsters and I just couldn't get my groove on when it came to drawing anything.

Believe it or not this started as some kind of cow / buffalo thang with short squat legs.  I worked it and worked it until I finally gave up....and erased most of my lines.

I mighta been trying to hard to impress anyone who was looking over my shoulder (man there were some beautiful women there!!!).

Anyway...I returned to this over the next couple times I sketched and slooooowly this guy emerged.

Sometimes creating art is so much fun and other times it's like pulling your own teeth!

: )


Well...anyway...thanks so much for stopping by.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to post 'em!

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  1. My second look at your work ....fascinating!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to look and comment Brenda! I really appreciate it! : )