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Monday, June 18, 2012

Jephyr's Epic Adventure - Panicked Drive Into Miami, AZ : )


So I've come to the conclusion I need to do more planning!!!  : )

Yesterday I decided to head out east on Highway 60 thinking I'd drive to Globe, Arizona and take some photos along the way and back.  (yeah,!!)

Retired Mining Machine,
Miami, Arizona - Photo:  Jephyr 6-17-12

I got a bit of a late start and rushed off on my adventure.

It had been quite a while since I headed that direction and soon realized a number of things: It was going to take a lot longer to get there than I thought...I'd started out too late...and I'd forgotten there were some "passes" with some 6% grades I had to get up and over.

More importantly...on the way up one of those steep car's "gas tank on empty" bell rang for the second time.

Miami, AZ - "Evening Skyline" - Photo:  Jephyr 6-17-12

THAT worried me...but I thought..."no problem, I'll just stop at the next town and gas up"
< confirmed city-slicker

Then I passed a sign that said Miami - 14 Miles...Globe -  38 Miles...and something shy of panic set in.  : )   On that second chime I know I can go about 9 there was a distinct possibility that I could run out of gas!

I'm a praying man but usually do way less of it than I should/could...but I began a Tent Revival meeting right there in the car:  "Dear God...PLEASE help me make it to a gas station!"

Interesting "Storefront" - Miami, AZ - Historic District - Photo: Jephyr 6-17-12

I turned off the AC...made sure the windows were up (to reduce drag...hey I was desperate!) and even turned off the radio for good measure....and continued to beseech the Almighty!!

Finally I saw a sign that announced "Reduce Speed Ahead - Business District"...and I strained my eyes for a filling station.

But before I knew it....Whoosh!  I was through what ever little "town" that was without seeing a single gas station.

That began Jephyr's "epic neutral coast into Miami"!!!!!     hahaha

Fortunately, at that point, I was heading down some very steep I put my car in neutral...and used the brakes to keep from going over the rails as I screamed down that steep and winding road.

Then, after 15 minutes of that, thank the Good Lord, I started seeing signs that I was entering Miami...and gratefully coasted up to the first pumps I saw.

Cool bridge between Superior and Miami AZ - Taken just before the gas bell
rang a second time.  Photo:  Jephyr 6-17-12


Who says God doesn't answer prayers (and look out for fools!)!!!  
: )

In my desperate run for gas I saw the sun going down and several times wished I could stop.  For example I saw a little cemetery off to the side of the road with a large angel statue near it's center.  I might go back some day to investigate that and take some pics there and along the way.

I did manage though to take a few photos before I completely lost the light...I've posted a few here as a testament to that trip!

: )


As always, thanks for looking in!



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