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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fine Art America ROCKS!!


A while ago some friends said that they liked one of my digital paintings and I offered to have a print made for their newly remodeled kitchen.

The topic kinda got dropped and languished in the "we're all busy with our lives files".

Recently, I signed up for a paid membership with Fine Art America (FAA) a "Print On Demand Service".

FAA members upload images of their artwork, in large high quality file sizes, allowing people from all over the world to purchase posters, greeting cards, and/or prints, with options for framing & matting etc too.

Jephyr Profile on Fine Art America

I began uploading some of my artwork and photography and quickly began receiving traffic and comments from literally all around this great big world.

Soon  enough I realized that it would be an easy way to get a print made for my friends.

So I sent them a link to the image with a frame and matte I'd selected...and they indicated they were still on board with receiving it.    : )

Having lived enough years to have been disappointed many times with promises made by companies I deal with, I placed the order, but had it sent here first so I could inspect it.

WOW!  I had nothing to worry about.  The print looks great, it's professionally framed and matted, and the packaging is exceptional.

(shipping address and info is blurred.  : )

I've gotten used to the increasingly shoddy packaging by this last part was a pleasant surprise.

Before FAA...I would've had to find a place to have the print made, and then get it framed and matted, package it, and then send it on to my friends.  Lotza steps....lotza driving around and phone calls...dealing with lotza different businesses and people...with so many things that coulda gone wrong.

With select the image you want...and then you sit back and relax while they print it, assemble it and get it shipped off to you.

Easy Peasy!  : ) 

I'm a happy camper!  Thanks Fine Art America!!

And thanks to my patient friends...I hope you'll find this a reminder of our enduring friendship.


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