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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Phoenix Dust Storm: Saturday 7-21-12


In my "studio" (the room with my computer : ) I keep the blinds on the lone window closed so light doesn't affect what I see on the screen as much.

Even so, I started to notice that the light in the room had taken on a brown-ish, red-ish hue!!

Outside we were having a major dust storm!!

So I grabbed my camera and snapped a shot or two.

You can see the some of the palms and trees are really being blown by the wind.

BTW...these were taken at approximately 5:00 pm Saturday 7-21-12.

You can see little blowing dust trails at the rear of the white car to the right!

UPDATE:  It's now 6:10 pm and we're having a real good rain!  


  1. whao
    & that's not so anonymous...cuz it's ME! <3 ^_^ <3

    1. Me Who? :? Scottish Lassie. ;)

  2. Good grief - - it looks just as bad as it is here in West Texas!

    1. Hi Jon, So you are also blessed by the wind in west Texas! : ) Hope yer keepin' yer powder dry!

  3. This reminds me of when we lived in Western Australia, in a place called Kambalda. My husband decided to wash the car, he said it was a lovely day with blue sky, and he was fed up of washing the car and then it would rain, bringing lots of bush dust down on it. He seemed to have this bad luck all the time. Anyway, he just finished washing the car and it was sparkling white. Suddenly I heard a loud rumbling noise. I said 'What is that?'. Then, on the northern horizon, a massive orange wall getting larger and larger as the noise increased. We just had time to get inside before the most incredible dust storm that nearly deafened us and hung around for quite some time, causing it to go dark. When it finished we went outside to find a red car.

    1. Wow! I can really imagine that Brenda! I wonder if our storms here in Arizona compare? I've been driving on freeways in some of them and had to pull over because I literally couldn't see a car length in front of me. Those are scary times because some people just keep speeding ahead and may not see you until it's too late.

      Thanks for sharing Brenda...and for subscribing! I appreciate it! " )