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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Awesome Video: "Deserted" - 3D Camera Mapping Still Images

The video "Deserted" follows this commentary on the techniques it employs. 



I'm completely inspired recently by my rediscovery of Blender 3D.

In the years since I first used it...both the software and the innovation in the 3D field have been exploding...and what you can accomplish with this FREE program is astounding.

Blender 3D Splash Screen
Blender 3D Splash Screen

Today I watched a video tutorial by Andrew Price of Blender Guru, showing how to take a photograph...a still image...and by using camera mapping in Blender you can make it appear as though it is video footage with a camera moving through and around it.

If you're familiar with this technique then you already know the power that it can give animators and film-makers...virtually allowing "HUGE BUDGET" looking scenes to be created with only a measure of patience and a lot of creative elbow grease.

It's exciting for me to consider the possibilities of using this for my own video projects.

Here's a link to Andrew's camera mapping tutorial if you are interested in learning more about how it is done:

A Few Proccess Steps From Camera Mapping Tutorial By Andrew Price

Andrew mentions a video he said was a great example of this camera mapping technique...and when I saw it I was truly impressed

"Deserted" was created by Bernd and Frank Montag using Cinema 4D software...but the principles and techniques are the same used in Blender.
I hope it will inspire you too:

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