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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blender: Realistic Chain Tutorial By tutor4u - Jephyr's Image

tutor4u - Blender Chain Tutorial - Jephyr '14

Hello again,

In The "Way-Back Machine"

Back in 2005 when I was struggling to master Maya 3D it was a very different world.  While the internet was already was only 7 years old and YouTube had just been founded that year!!!!!!

So it was so much harder to find information and tutorials etc...but now you can find them on almost any subject imaginable.

Gnomon was putting out a number of Maya tutorial videos back then but they were very expensive...and so friends and I would share copies of them when we got our hands on one...and shared Maya teaching books etc...and we'd try to learn any way we could.

In fact I'm reminded now that a buddy and I would trek on down to a local electronics store and buy copies of Maya Press tutorial books with DVDs....and exchange them back and forth with each other.

I still have those books...but the computer I had Maya on is long as I wrote in a post before...I thought my days as a 3D guy were long over!!

Cue The Angel Choir!

But thankfully I rediscovered Blender 3D freeware ( and I'm having a blast with it.

And best of the internet is bursting with all kinds of FREE tutorials for it.

tutor4u's video lessons are some of my favorites!  His teaching style is so concise, clear and easy to follow.

Blender Chain Tutorial By tutor4u - Jephyr '14

My Chain Image ^^^

Today's image was made after watching another one of tutor4u's video tutorials (embedded below).

In the video he covers some really cool functions like animating using Blender's rigid body tools, adding materials, textures and displacements, using various screen layouts, image and uv mapping, loop cuts, scaling, rotating, moving, duplicating, lighting, environment textures, and nodes.  Whew!

It was a really interesting tutorial!

tutor4u's website is where he has resources for open-source software Blender, Gimp, and Inkscape.

As well as code and instruction for html, css and java.


There is another young guy, Andrew Price, who calls himself Blender Guru....he's only 23 years old but also has a number of really excellent tutorial videos for Blender too.

I plan on taking this chain and animating as he demonstrates in one of his vids:  Wrecking Ball

So look for that soon! 

Oh...and have I mentioned I'm having a blast!!


And's the video:

Thanks as always for stoppin' by!

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