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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Excellent Blender 3D Soccer Ball Tutorial


So I'm still playing around with Blender 3D.  I finished another tutor4u ( tutorial on animating the alarm clock I posted recently (4-28-14)...and am working on creating and posting a video that will show that as well as some animations I've done with several other 3D images I've made following his excellent tutorials!


Today I decided to try some more 3D modeling and followed tutor4u's excellent beginner to intermediate tutorial video on how to create and render a soccer ball (video posted below).

Blender 3D Soccerball:  Jephyr 2014

Tutor4u always covers so many Blender functions and short-cuts etc that would take me forever to discover on my own...and his soccer ball tutorial is no exception. 

For example, he shows how to create add-on mesh archimeadean truncated icosahedrons : ), and how to add several mixed shader materials, the use of various shortcut keys, how to easily select and remove all edges within the pentagonal and hexagonal faces of the soccer ball, and how you can easily select "like" faces, extrude and expand faces, and how to add the stitching for the ball using an ingenious method of subdividing edges.

It sounds complicated but tutor4u explains it all clearly...and when I got lost or confused all I had to do was rewind the video.

(But I must add:  If you don't have much experience with Blender I suggest starting with tutor4u's coffee cup tutorial as seen in my 4-15-14 post)

Blender 3D:  Creating add-on mesh archimeadean truncated icosahedrons
Blender 3D:  Creating add-on mesh archimeadean truncated icosahedrons.'s a fun project!  I highly recommend trying Blender and tutor4u tutorials!

Here's the video:

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Ciao fer now


Bonus Fun Fact:  If you have  no debts and $10 in your pocket, you have more wealth than 25% of Americans.


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