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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blender Boy! Jephyr Gets Back Into 3D!

Thumnails from various 2005 Jephyr Maya Projects
Hello again!

The Halcyon Days of Jephyr the 3D Dood

In 2005, MCC the college I attend had greatly expanded their 3D Animation and Design classes and were offering several degree tracks in that area.
I took a number of those courses, including Maya Animation, 3 Dimensional Computer Design, 3D Modeling, Compositing, and Digital Film-Making, a class on video editing, screen-writing and storyboarding, etc.

In my last semester of those classes I created a 7 minute long video that combined what I'd learned in those classes:  my original 3D modeling and animation, with photos and live action, green screen composites of my instructors and fellow students:

You'll find other Maya images animations of mine on my video and Art 170/Maya3D pages on my website...And animations/videos on my YouTube channel:  JephyrX.

Here's a composite of some of the projects I worked on in 2005.  You can click this image to see a larger view of it:

Various 2005 Maya Projects:  Copyright 2014, Jephyr
Various 2005 Maya Projects:  Copyright 2014, Jephyr

It's All Over For Jephyr The 3D Guy!  (Or Is it??)

Sadly MCC's Maya / Digital Film-Making program was discontinued...but I'd purchased a student license and had Maya on my laptop and have always been intending to get back to it. 

BUT unfortunately had gotten so busy with other Fine Art classes and other things that with each passing year I'd open Maya less and less often, until I was literally never using it.

Then last fall the reliable computer I had the software on crashed and was unsalvageable.

Since then I spent a little time looking into installing Maya on my newer desktop.  I downloaded a free student copy that was supposed to be good for 3 years...but could not get it to install correctly...and so I just got back into other things.

I'd really begun to think that my days as a 3D guy were probably behind me.

The following video was made for my Maya Animation and Modeling classes.  I took a 3D character I'd designed and created, then rigged it (put animation controls on it), and did some animation with it...a little movement and a walk cycle....then set it in a background and put some original music I'd written and recorded under it: 


The Birth Of Blender Boy...And Other Tales!

Recently I stumbled across some beautiful images and animations made in Blender 3D...which fired up my interest in looking into it.

Blender was originally developed to be sold like any software...but then was given over to the "internet community" as an open source model (FREE to use for ANY purpose), and interested developers have been constantly updating the code to keep it up with changing technology.

Sometime around 2005 when I'd been taking all those 3D classes I'd tried Blender but it seemed like it was cumbersome and difficult to use...especially after I'd been using sleek software like Maya and Shake, and had become so familiar with their use.

But I was in for a surprise when I tried Blender again in the last few days!!

Cup created by following a YouTube Blender Tutorial - Image Copyright 2014, Jephyr!

The download and install on my computer were a BREEZE and it opens VERY quickly. 

The interface, while quite different from Maya, has definitely been improved.  So far I've found all of the "bells and whistles" I'd come to rely on in Maya.  And its functionality has been radically improved.

Following a tutorial for "beginners" on YouTube *, I had an image output in a very short time...the image of the cup posted above  ^^^.

I KNOW I still have a LONG way to go...but I'm looking forward to getting back into 3D...and eventually creating full scenes and animations again!!


Thanks as always for stopping by!!


* Blender Tutorial For Beginners: Coffee Cup - 2 Videos
Made by tutor4u - www.

These videos demonstrate how to make an image of a cup with a handle using the cycles render engine.
Blender version 2.64 was used for this tutorial.


And lastly as a reward if you've read to the bottom of this post:  :)

The eminent linguistic philosopher J. L. Austin of Oxford once gave a lecture in which he asserted that there are many languages in which a double negative makes a positive, but none in which a double positive makes a negative — to which the Columbia philosopher Sidney Morgenbesser, sitting in the audience, sarcastically replied, “Yeah right.”

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