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Monday, April 21, 2014

Blender Boy: Jephyr Makes A "Wood" Cup


Getting Back Into 3D With Blender

I'm having a blast working in Blender 3D. 

Blender Render - Wood Cup Tutorial - Jephyr '14
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As I wrote in my last post about Blender (4-15-14), it is an awesome 3D program that is free to download and use. 

And best of all...there is no restriction on how you use whatever you create in it...and that includes commercial use!!  (which means A LOT to us starving artists :P )

And I'm discovering that Blender rivals the versions of Maya I've used in the past!

(Please see the note at the bottom of this post about 3D Printing * )


Blender Tutorials

YouTube has a LARGE community of Blender users who've uploaded excellent tutorials about various ways to use the software...from modeling to animation and even game design.

tutor4u has a number of really awesome tutorials and in my last "Blender" post I shared a cup that I'd made from following a video of his.

He goes pretty fast...but since you're able to stop and rewind and go back and forth it works really well.

He is also very precise and clear with his instructions and I really recommend him if you're interested in learning Blender.


Jephyr Makes A "Wood Cup" - Tutorial Info And Image

I just finished working through another one of tutor4u's videos...this time on how to make a wood cup. 

He also covers how to light the, lock and move a camera...add a wood image/texture to the cup...UV wrap and map it...give that texture a displacement using the node editor to give depth to the wood grain....and finally render the image you just created.

It's a really excellent video!

Here's the link if you want to watch the video on YouTube:


And here's a rendered image of the "wood" cup I just made in Blender while watching that video:

Blender Render - Wood Cup Tutorial - Jephyr '14

* 3D Printing

Recently I saw a program on TV about 3D printing.  

According to that show 3D printing has been around for 15 years but the people who are developing it now are planning to make it as widely used as cell phones or computers. 

In other words EVERY home will have a 3D printer which will be able to "print" objects that are made in software programs like Blender.

So in the future when Christmas rolls around...instead of going to a toy store to buy the kids might go on-line and find a 3D template...and then print their toy out at home.

Or instead of going to a home improvement store or an auto parts could go on line and get a 3D copy of the part you need and then print it at home.

It sounds too amazing to be real...but on the other hand...think about how the computer and cell phones etc have changed our world in just 15 to 20 years!


As always...thanks for stoppin' by!  : )

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