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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jephyr's Blender Frenzy: "Fuzzy Stuffed Bear" Tutorial


Lost In A 3D Trance??

Back in 2005, when I was taking Maya 3D classes at MCC I remember spending days and weeks hunched over my computer...modeling and animating for hours on end.

One cool December day I remember "coming back to my senses" after I'd been working non-stop since the early afternoon.  

When I finally decided to take a break I discovered that the sun had gone down hours earlier...and by the time I finally looked up...the house was freezing cold and pitch dark except for the light from my computer screen.

Only then did I realize that I'd been sitting barefoot on a hard floor...and my feet felt like they were blocks of ice!!

: P

I'd been completely lost in what I was doing for hours!


I'm feeling that same rush now as I'm learning Blender 3D. 

(Please see my posts and Blender images from 4-15-14 and 4-21-14)


Tackling Another Blender Tutorial

Tonight I decided to tackle another tutorial video from tutor4u's YouTube channel...on how to model and render a cute little, "fuzzy stuffed bear".

This tutorial was a much bigger challenge than the other two because its 3D modeling was MUCH more involved...and it covered the use of particle emissions to simulate hair.

I was tired and almost gave up about a third of the way in...but I saw comments by others who'd finished the tutorial...and  so I decided to persevere!

I'm really glad I did!'s a link to the tutorial video and a look at the image I created while watching it tonight:

Blender "Stuffed Bear" Tutorial:  Jephyr 2014
Click this image to see a larger version of it.

Thanks as always for stopping by!!

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