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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blender Tutorial: Jephyr Makes 3D Pool Balls

Pool Ball Tutorial Image One:  Jephyr 2014
An image from today's Blender efforts
Hello again,

2D With Toon Boom

I spent some time earlier today working in my trial copy of Toon Boom Animate Pro 3.

It's the same company that shows like Family Guy use to produce their 2D animations....although they use a MUCH more expensive version.

My 3D "Coffee-Break"

Anywho...after working with the Blender over the last week or so...I was finding my efforts in Toon Boom to be very slow going and decided to take a break and try another tutor4u YouTube - Blender tutorial.

His website is:

Man...that guy really knows how to teach!!

This time the lesson was on how to create pool balls. 

It was very interesting because he covered creating text, and Boolean intersections to set those numbers into the pool balls.

Here's a link to the video:

After a very short time I had finished the lesson and rendered some images from it.

3D Verses A Camera

As I looked at them I thought about how long it would take to set a shot up like this , and then take a high quality photograph of it.

First of all you'd have to have a great camera and lens, then you'd want access to a brand new table and balls, you'd have to know a lot about lighting, then you'd have to set up your camera looking for the best angles, and THEN try to capture a great shot.

With create perfect images of the table and balls, you can easily set up different lights, move them and your scene around to get the best lighting and angles, and you can set your image resolution very high to get a crystal clear picture....all while sitting in front of your computer with a tasty beverage on ice right beside you.


It is really is amazing technology!!


Here's another look at today's efforts:

Pool Ball Tutorial Image Two:  Jephyr 2014

Thanks as always for stopping by!

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