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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jephyr Art: Humorous Digital Photograph "Bottoms Up"


Last December I created a free membership at the Fine Art America site where artists can sell  original works of all kinds and prints of them.  It's a "print on demand" once you've joined and uploaded images they do the rest...including creating cards, posters and prints on canvas including a number of framing choices.

Just recently I paid for a Full Membership so I could upload a much larger number of images and have begun taking advantage of that adding a lot more there...including several digital photogs I've not posted anywhere else:  Jephyr on Fine Art America.  You're welcome, of course, to come by and watch me grow!  : )

Back in 2010, using my Canon EOS5 Mark II, I snapped a humorous shot of a "duck couple" feeding at a pond near my home.  I call it "Bottoms Up". 


I'd already posted another version of this Photograph at my Fine Art America page but just re-posted the version above which is cropped differently and at a slightly higher resolution:  Bottoms Up


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