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Monday, May 14, 2012

Jephyr Art: A Jester - My latest digital illustration


Thanks for dropping by.

Here's a look at a Jester I just finished digitally painting in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos Tablet.

Update:  You can now purchase a high quality poster, greeting card or framed or unframed print of this image:


And the story behind the pic:   

I've wanted to illustrate a poem for quite a while.  Toward the end of 2011, I decided to take a crack at creating one of the characters for it...the Jester. 

I drew several Jesters in my sketchbook just using my imagination.

[      BTW...I apologize for the written "rant" on that page ^ ^ ^

Later when I got to the car I realized I had developed a bad migraine headache that I'm sure contributed to my irritated mood.
And as if to underscore feeling sheepish about I was gathering my things up the father of the children said:  "I'm sorry about the noise.  We've seen you sketching and have tried to keep the kids quiet."
* sigh *  So maybe I'm not perfect after-all!  ; )    ]


Later did a few sketch studies of some illustrations and photos of various Jesters I'd found on-line on-line.


Then one afternoon I sketched a Jester I kinda liked...and then took it to the next step and decided to digitally paint it.

At that time, I got a lot of the color and background blocked in but then like a lot of things in my life it was relegated to the unfinished file.

Recently I decided at long last to put some polish on him and move him to the "it's finally done" file.

: )

Here's a look at some of the steps I took along the way...from the original sketch to the final painting you saw above:


I'm in the final stages of putting together an 8 minute "time-lapse" video of the painting process  for the Jester and will post that as soon as it's done.

Edit:  It's finished!  Please go to my May 18, 2012 post to see it


Thanks again for stopping by.

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