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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jephyr Photograph: The Machines Of Men


Hopefully you're enjoying my "Ghost Town Series" of photographs!

I've uploaded most all of it to my Fine Art America site now where you can purchase high quality posters, greeting cards and prints.  They offer all kinds of choices for sizes and even framing and matting of all kinds!

Please feel free to stop by!!

In the Ghost Town Series I chose to look at some close-ups of old machines rusting in the Arizona desert.

One image I call "The Machines Of Men".  It's a close-up view of an old machine that in it's day probably saw countless hours of toil...but now sits idle in the desert sun.

The title is a metaphor for mankind...our lives of work and toil...and what will be remembered of us when we're gone.

The Machines of Men


I liked this photograph and created several versions of it including the last one I'll post here where I took it to an obvious extreme.

The Machines Of Men - 2

The Machines Of Men - 3

The Machines Of Men - 4


You're invited as always to stop by my website for more examples of my artwork including charcoal figure drawing, paintings, digital "paintings" and videos and animations.

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